Glimdrop inktober Halloween

Berri and I were talking about possible ideas for better engagement on the Glimesh social media platforms for Halloween.
Our idea was to give 7 topics every week, so people have time drawing. All/most of them are “draw the Glimdrop as a ____”. And then a few days before Halloween, we would collect all the appropriate pictures shared by the community and put them into a collage/slideshow video.


Our list of initial ideas - of which needs to be refined to 28 so we have a couple of days for editing and collecting images would be:

1 Vampire :white_check_mark:
2 Frankenstein Monster :white_check_mark:
3 Bride of Frakenstein :white_check_mark:
4 Skeleton :white_check_mark:
5 Ghost :white_check_mark:
6 Bat :white_check_mark:
7 Cat :white_check_mark:
8 Witch :white_check_mark:
9 Pumpkin :white_check_mark:
10 Scared/Spooked :white_check_mark:
11 Werewolf :white_check_mark:
12 Devil :white_check_mark:
13 Zombie :white_check_mark:
14 Pirate :white_check_mark:
15 Clown :white_check_mark:
16 Mummy :white_check_mark:
17 Wizard :white_check_mark:
18 Alien :white_check_mark:
19 Spider :white_check_mark:
20 Speak No Evil :white_check_mark:
21 Hear No Evil :white_check_mark:
22 See No Evil :white_check_mark:
23 Spooky GlimTaco/PacoTaco
24 Scarecrow :white_check_mark:
25 Owl :white_check_mark:

Idea would be people could pick 1 / all of the themes for a given week to draw and share those images either by @glimesh or in a reply to the list of the weeks topics :3


Lets remove 23, 24, 25 and come up with 2 more and we will start the first one October First. Then each corresponding day lets get one of these topics. That will be a post for every day -1.

Our post can be something like this

Join our 30 day Glimoween Challenge - Each day we will post a topic for a Spoopy Glimdrop and we want to see your best rendition. Tomorrows Drop is Vampire Drop! Stay tuned for the next and catch the drops tomorrow!

Then each day we drop our own image and add the next days drop as well

My suggestion

We did discuss the idea of daily initially but were worried daily would be too much noise and people wouldn’t pay attention, which is where the idea of weekly came from instead, but if people think it wouldnt be too much noise then for sure i think daily is a good idea.

Ideally 28 would be best, because we would like to try and collate the submissions into some kind of photoreel or something to post on halloween itself, which obviously we would need a few days to do.

I don’t think it would be too much noise especially if we announce it. I feel that a collection could become overwhelming to someone and would discourage people to join. Where just doing 1 is more feasible to occasionally hop on the bandwagon.

We could do 20 and just do it during weekdays until Halloween?

Thats actually not a bad idea, then each weekend collect that weeks submissions and just add each reulsting week into the reel as it goes.

I think daily and then at the end of the week show off all of the submissions add some community flair to the end of the week post


So I am pulling my lazy card and using its effects to activate my spell card - “Make Somebody Else Work for ME!”

Do we already have some of these Glimdrops made? Is it feasible to make an in style Glimdrop each day? And is there someone willing to edit the communities Glimdrops into one image?

Also I will narrow the list down to 20 Glimdrops so we can finalize what needs to be made. Just want to make sure we have someone who is able to make them

We have some, i mean zombie already exists. myself and jerhenning have put together a few this year as i have been learning from jer, we have frankensteins monster, bride of frankenstein, wolfman, a mummy, dracula… i feel like im forgotting some, but yes, there are some haha.

So let’s do this. Let’s get rid of


This gives us 21 Glimdrops. We will plan on using 20 and have a day 1 example.

Would you mind Berri making these? Perhaps see if Jer was interested in throwing them in as well?

It would be nice to have them a day or so in advanced if possible.

Oh I almost forget theres also the Glimdrop the community designed! Which would be a perfect addition for something like this I think. I drew it but the community decided how it should look :smiley:

Is this also a yes to making them lol?

Also we should record the creative process and speed it up to 60 seconds. We can then use that to upload to TikTok as well

I’ll see what I can make but I can’t guarantee it due to university starting again real soon. But I can certainly try, I know @chris can make glimdrops when the mood is right too and wanted to learn some of the tips jer has taught me :slight_smile:

As for recording the process, that’s not something I’m personally comfortable with as I’m still very much learning and my process is far from clean right now. That would be something we could perhaps ask jer if he would be open too.

I will message Jer and perhaps between you Jer and Chris we can commit to this fully.

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Ill start with some basic like “containers” where we can just put the glimdrop and name of said glimdrop for each day so its drag and drop so anyone can update it for the given day - ill also update marketing Trello with each day’s Glimdrop for October.

So Jer is having a surgery and said he probably wouldn’t be able do this one this time.

He did say that there are a handful already made so we do have a head start. In your judgment are we going to be safe to commit to this? Just don’t want to start it and not be able to finish

I won’t lie, the initial thing was ready to go until you started asking for an example glimdrop for each day, that is where it may fall down. It was always intended to just be a list each week with a spooky themed background and such haha xD the ask for a custom glimdrop for them all is the issue, because I just can’t guarantee the time.

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Can we just forgo the example Glimdrop? I think it’s still just as effective

i think for it to work with your suggestions, we would have needed more time. like preparing everything 2-4 weeks prior. but 5 days might be too short of a timeframe.
i know the bascics from affinity, but the execution on creating glimdrops at the same level as jer and berri is where it’s failing for me. so i wont be able to really help out. and dumping everything just on berri wouldnt be great. i would say maybe next year with your suggestion, heiwa?
until then there might be more people that could help out with glimdrops after a training with jer