Giving users the power to turn off receipt of gift subs

Following on a conversation in discord Discord I have brought in the capacity for users to turn off receipt of Gift subs.

Gift subs are a fantastic idea and those who gift are wonderful people, however, not everyone wants to recieve them - there can be many reasons why this may be the case, including just not wanting subs to channels which the user may not watch, or feeling bad someone has spent money on them, or lurking and missing the gift and feeling bad about not thanking the person - really the reasons are personal.

In keeping with the Glimesh ethos of people having choices about how their preferences should work, and streamers being able to turn off subs etc, I have coded the option for individual users to turn off receipt of gift subs if they wish too.

How this works

In user preferences gift subs is on by default, a user can go in and turn that off if they wish

For the person gifting, when they type the name of the user and click to checkout, they will be presented with a message which informs them that the user is opted out, this will not allow the gifter to progress to checkout so they will not be charged for that attempt to gift.

I’ve no idea if this will be accepted, but it was suggested and something I was able to knock together pretty quickly as a concept - ultimately its another way of giving our users more control over how they enjoy and use the platform, im not aware of any other services which allow users to opt out of being gifted subs so this could also be a unique point for Glimesh too.

As ever, thanks all!

  • Berri

This feels like it is in line with the Glimesh values of people over profits. I see no reason why not to add the feature as proposed.

The only thing I might clarify is [the text on the toggle] that you do not receive subs as a viewer (vs as a streamer). Its a bit tricky to word it clearly. Maybe just:

Accept Gift Subs to Streamers

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Yeah the phrasing on it is something ive gone back and forward over for sure xD

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