GCTalks Episode 4

GCTalks Episode 4 Recap

Written by: Berri, BlitzkriegMeph, Britsurugi & Paco1342

Welcome to the GCTalks Episode 4 Recap! GCTalks is a biweekly show hosted by the Glimesh Community Team in which we discuss events, Glimesh news, talk platform tips with the community, and discuss your ideas for the platform.

This week’s show was hosted by ArtofCod (GCT/Design), Britsurugi (GCT/Events), BlitzkriegMeph (GCT), and Paco1342 (Community Manager).

In this episode, we gave updates on the mobile app, discussed ongoing and new suggestions on Building Glimesh, discussed how to get clips on Glimesh, and more.

This show aired on 23rd November 2021 at 7pm EST. All dates referred to in this blog are correct at time of the show airing. You can find a full video catch up on YouTube or keep reading for all the details below!


Presented by Britsurugi

Previous events:

  • The “Better Place” StarCraft2 Amateur Open Tournament took place November 13th, hosted by HeelHarley. Unfortunately, most of the players who signed up to participate in the tournament portion were unable to make it, except for one. The winner by default: BlitzkriegMeph. This did not stop the good time from being had! Instead of a tournament, the stream became more of a fun, happy nostalgia trip! All in all, it turned out to be a really good time, thanks of course to our amazing community, and to BlitzKriegMeph as well. Thank you again, HeelHarley!

Upcoming events:

  • Masquemare will be hosting his second charity stream, dedicated to mental health awareness and suicide/self harm prevention. Starting on Friday November the 26th, he will continue to be raising money for a group called “To Write Love On Her Arms’’ over his 2-day event. We will be witnessing some more variety gaming, possibly including some new VR games. Day two will be the day for multiplayer and community gaming shenanigans! There are challenges, incentives, and Streamloots around the cause! Begins 9 am Friday, November 26th, goes on through to the 27th at 12:30 pm EST.

  • We will be welcoming the Chaos Collective for their first collaborative streaming event as brand new Glimesh Streamloots partners!! ArtofCod, BlitzKriegMeph, and Ferret (The Chaos Collective) plan to play Back4Blood together! As if this game isn’t already quite riddled with chaos, these madmen and madlady have created some brand new, specialty Streamloots decks for the occasion. These decks will mostly pit them against one another in the funniest ways; the community totally holds the reins over where this stream will go! This event will be kicking off on Saturday, November the 27th at 2 pm eastern time! For those across the pond, that’ll be 7 pm GMT!

  • Next month in December, SavageLifex will be hosting her very first 2-day charity streaming event on Glimesh to spread holiday cheer to children across the UK and Scotland through Cash 4 Kids. It is her hope and ours as well that everyone will come together in the spirit of the holidays to help SavageLifex and Cash 4 Kids make sure that every child in the UK and Scotland receives a gift on Christmas morning. The stream will feature some pretty wide variety gaming, such as horror games, cozy games, and work out games. There will also be challenges and incentives for donations, such as being a part of an Animal Crossing FASHION SHOW! This event will take place on December 10th and 11th, starting at 12 pm GMT.

  • Later, in that month of December, we hope you’ll join Banjax and the community for another night of Goose Goose Glimesh hi-jinx and honks! This time it’s harder as you have to audibly HONK for the proximity chat any time you murder or mess up a task. And if you get caught? Take a drink! (whatever your fancy, alcohol is entirely optional). Goose Goose Duck is still free-to-play on Steam, and also very fun-to-play. You can have up to 16 people in one game, so it could get really wild! It starts at 7 pm GMT, on December the 18th! Here are his links, drop a follow if ya haven’t, and of course, check out those support options!

  • And finally, after the new year and the bulk of the holidays have passed, there will be a Progeny Tournament hosted by ArtofCod featuring the new Halo Infinite game, a platform favorite right now. For this tournament, there will be about 8 teams of 2, competing to be in that number one spot for the digital trophy, and possibly other prizes, yet to be determined at this time. ArtofCod has a Progeny Discord for Tournaments, and you can find sign-ups and more information in there! There’s still plenty of time to sign up, so we hope to see a nice turnout! The tournament will take place on January the 9th, 2 pm EST, 7 pm GMT!

If you are interested in having your event supported by our Events Team, check out these links:

How to get VODs and Clips on Glimesh

Presented by BlitzkriegMeph

While Glimesh may not have native clips and VODs yet, we do have some handy tips and workarounds to make sure you can still get the content you want from your stream.


The replay buffer allows you to set your PC to constantly hold the last set seconds of video as you stream. When the replay buffer is set to a hotkey you press it it will “clip” that section and save it directly to your PC. Make sure you are aware of your PC’s limits, as this will get more resource-intensive the longer you set it. We recommend 20-30 seconds to make sure you get your clip and don’t compromise your PC.


You can set your OBS/Streamlabs to record when you go live, which will save the video directly to your PC. This is perhaps the easiest way to get your VODs, but is highly resource-intensive on your PC.

You can find more detailed information about how to set up the replay buffer and recordings of your streams for Streamlabs and OBS via our guides here:

A less resource-intensive way to get your full stream recorded is using Aircast. With Aircast, you can set up to restream your Glimesh stream to Youtube as an unlisted video. This takes all the strain off your PC and allows you to download the video and edit it up later.

Important tip Make sure to request your stream key from YouTube at least 24 hours before you intend to start recording your streams and make sure to set Glimesh as the primary source because of our FTL protocol, or this will not work.

Using subcategories and tags

Presented by Paco1342

Subcategories and tags on Glimesh are your number one key to discoverability as they are how viewers filter streams. We felt that this topic would be an important one to cover for both streamers and viewers to help them get the most out of their streams on Glimesh.

For streamers:

The first step is to choose one main topic/game tag, this is category-specific as you can see in our list below:

  • Gaming - Game Name
  • Art - Style
  • Education - Topic
  • IRL - Topic
  • Music - Genre
  • Tech - Topic

You can set this to be anything you want, as long as it remains within the rules set out by the Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct. If a tag does not yet exist simply type the tag in and press enter, this will add it to the database for next time.

The next step is tags. Tags are the way for you to describe your channel or stream. For example, you might have a specific clan tag you use or your stream may be a chill stream. These can be as unique as you are or you can look at how often a tag is used and select based on popular tags.

Much like the subcategory tags, you can create tags if they do not yet exist, create your own trend!

For those who like to stream with friends, this is a great way of linking your streams through a unique tag that allows viewers to search that tag and find every stream using it - connecting you all and allowing you to easily share communities!

Something important to remember is that tags do have character limits: they cannot be shorter than 2 letters, nor can they be longer than 18 tags. You also cannot use special characters in your tags. If a tag flashes red and disappears, check you are following these rules.

For more guides on how this works:

For viewers:

For viewers, the tagging system is how you can refine your streams and find content suited to you, whether by searching using the subcategory or looking for more specific tags (or a combination of both!).

You will see these boxes at the top of each streaming category, simply type in the kind of content you are looking for and it will filter the results.

Something important to remember is you cannot use special characters in your tags. If a tag flashes red and disappears, check you are following these rules. If you are following these rules and your tag still disappears without bringing up any results, it means no one is currently streaming using those tags.

You can find more information on how this works here:

Building Glimesh

Presented by ArtofCod

Winter on Glimesh: Winter is fast approaching here at Glimesh and we are wanting to bring a bit of it to Glimesh with a winter-themed logo and winter-themed Glimdrops! Whether it’s suggestions or designs, please get involved in our building Glimesh topics to help us bring some winter spirit to Glimesh!

New Year’s Eve Streams: A suggestion since our last GCTalks has been the idea of a New Years’ Eve Relay with streamers on the platform all bringing in New Year on their respective time zone and passing it over to the next streamer in line. While it may be a little late this year to get something of such a scale planned, we are definitely a big fan of this unique way to bring the community together. If you want to discuss this more, or even get involved in helping make this a reality, get involved over on Building Glimesh!

If you have a stream planned for New Year’s Eve that you wish to create an event for, please do get in touch with our events team and see how we can help you promote your event!

Whispers/DMs: This has been an ever-popular suggestion since the creation of Glimesh and we want to know what your thoughts are on this feature. Should whispers appear in chat visible to only the person being whispered to but move with the flow of chat, should stream moderators be able to see whispers? Or should it be more of a direct messaging system with a separate inbox? How should this be moderated by the Glimesh Community Team?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. There’s no doubt some system for whispers/DM’s would be a great addition to Glimesh, but how this should be implemented is still definitely up for discussion!

Stream Schedule/Calendar: Again, this has been a topic of much discussion across the time of Glimesh and something we think would be a great addition to the platform. Like all features, this would be entirely optional if a streamer wants this to be shown. The discussion on Building Glimesh is still in its early stages, but if this is something you think you would be interested in, please, do voice your suggestions for how you think this should look, and how it should work. Current suggestions include a way to use the subcategories to show what you will be streaming alongside when you are streaming and how we could best display time zones for those elsewhere in the world.

Glimesh News

Presented by Paco1342

Payouts on the rise: We are very happy to announce that since our last GCTalks and the launch of our donation system we have seen the biggest creator payout since launch! It’s been amazing to see so many of you using this feature and appreciate our streamers, because when you support streamers you support the entire streaming ecosystem. So thank you everyone for making sure this feature has been so well received and helping us support our creators even more.

If you missed our announcement about donations and our other new features including a 60/40 split on subscriptions in favor of the streamer, you can check out all the details in our feature update blog here:

Mobile App Update: A small but packed mobile app update this week! The app is now in active development on iOS after hold-ups with getting our developer key and with that we are also seeing emotes starting to work for both iOS and Android builds of the app. The app is also now in very early testing with the Community Team testing on both iOS and Android Builds. But that isn’t everything…

Keep an eye out because in the near future there will be opportunities for you, the community, to get involved in helping us with testing the app. We don’t have a confirmed date for this yet, but keep an eye on our social media and Discord/Guilded.

Here are some shots of how the app is looking on mobile:


  1. How do you get involved in the coding of Glimesh?

If you want to get involved in the coding of Glimesh, you can do so via our Github! Simply follow the instructions to get your dev environment downloaded and get started. Once you have submitted your pull request through Github, please hop into our Discord and drop mja00 a tag in #dev-questions or send him a direct message so that he can make sure the manual code checks get run. If there are any issues, feedback, or amendments to be made, a message will be left on your pull request on Github for you to address.

  1. What measures do you have in place regarding safety when it comes to bots on the platform?

We have already implemented a lot of features that you can use on your channel to help prevent bots, such as requiring email confirmation before chatting, setting a minimum account age to be able to talk in your chat, and blocking viewers from posting links. However, this doesn’t mean we will be stopping there. We understand with things such as hate raids, people are concerned about their safety when streaming which is why we have a conversation about additional safety layers ongoing on Building Glimesh. If you wish to get involved in this discussion, please do so here:

For more information on how the existing safety features work, you can check out our support article here: