GCTalks Episode 3

GCTalks Episode 3 Recap

Written by: Berri, Chris, Britsurugi and Paco1342

Welcome to the first GCTalks blog. For those who aren’t sure what GCTalks is, it is a new biweekly show hosted by the Glimesh Community Team in which we discuss events, Glimesh news, talk platform tips with the community and discuss your ideas for the platform.

This week’s show was hosted by ArtofCod (GCT/Design), Britsurugi (GCT/Events), Chris (GCT/Marketing) and Paco1342 (Community Manager).

In this episode, we announced new features, gave you site updates, discussed ongoing suggestions on Building Glimesh, announced the winners of our Twitter giveaway, and more.

The show aired 9th November 2021 at 7pm EDT. You can find a full video catch up on YouTube or keep reading for all the details below!


Presented by Britsurugi

Previous events:

Starting the recap of past events with Banjax and his community Goose Goose Glimesh event, where the community came together for some mallard mayhem in a free-to-play game of adorable distrust and fowl play. He plans to do more, so stay tuned.

The next community event was a 12 hour stream, hosted by BlitzkriegMeph featuring the New World release. The community was very excited for this release, and the event had quite a turnout with a Glimesh company discord and everything! We are Marauders on Idadalmunon, join us!

We had 4 charity streams over the month of September, which is suicide awareness month. Each streamer had a similar theme, and also each had their respective charities and support groups they chose to highlight:

  • We had Masquemare host us a 12 hour charity stream for an organization called “To Write Love on Her Arms”, dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self harm and suicide.

  • We had SailingLurch with his 4~ hour charity stream for the “Trevor Project”, dedicated to providing 24/7 crisis support services to LGBTQ young people.

  • We had GrusomKanin Gaming with their charity stream for “Save.org”, the non-profit organization dedicated to preventing suicide through education and awareness.

  • We had CemetaryGate with his 24 hour stream for Mission22, which is dedicated to healing America’s veterans through treatment and programs for PTSD and TBA, to combat the rising veteran suicide rate.

Upcoming events: Our next upcoming event will be an Open Amateur Tournament featuring StarCraft 2, hosted by HeelHarley. This tournament is exclusive to Glimesh streamers and amateurs only (no pros or smurfs). You will need to have a Glimesh account, and locate HeelHarley on the platform! Winners who place in the top four will be receiving a cash-money prize up to $100!

We are very grateful to all of these streamers for choosing Glimesh to host their event. We cannot wait to see what they’ll do next and wish them all the success!

If you are interested in having your event supported by our Events Team, check out these links:

Streamer Tips

Presented by ArtofCod

This week, we focused on the importance of keeping yourself healthy when streaming. Here’s a recap of some of our (and the communities) top tips:

  • Don’t push yourself to stream when you are feeling unwell, even if you are worried about letting people down. Your health is more important.

  • Remember to stay hydrated.

  • Stand up and stretch - especially on longer streams. This not only helps to keep you awake and keep the blood moving but helps prevent blood clots developing in your legs.

  • When doing a 24 hour stream food choice is important; choose foods which offer up slow release energy such as bananas and nuts. Dark chocolate is also great for helping keep you alert!

  • Make sure to get plenty of fresh air: keep a window open or take a short break to go stand outside and get some air. It will help keep you feeling fresh and alert which will ultimately help your content!

Getting Featured on the Homepage

Presented by ArtofCod

Ever wondered how to get featured on the Glimesh homepage? It’s as easy as a click! Head to your channel settings and toggle show on homepage to on.

There are a couple of qualifications to take note of, but after that you will be entered into the random selection of streamers who are featured on our homepage. This rotates hourly and if you disconnect for any reason during your allotted hour, you are still guaranteed your spot on reconnect for the rest of that hour.

Want more info? Check out our guides here:

Building Glimesh

Presented by Paco1342 and Chris

Going forward, we are going to choose topics each week to bring to the community and highlight from our Building Glimesh website. Our hope is to get the community engaged in these topics and find out what you all feel is the best approach to take!

Display Name: In your profile, you have a section for your display name which appears as if you can change your username but you cannot. This box only allows for changing capitalisation of letters in your name. If you want to change your name, you will need to email support@glimesh.tv (you may only change your name once every 30 days).

We want your opinions on how you think it would be best to approach this. Is this something you have found confusing, do you think a tooltip explaining what this box does would be helpful, or perhaps that it is not needed at all? Please get involved in the discussion over on Building Glimesh: https://build.glimesh.tv/t/lets-talk-about-display-name/264

Raiding: A conversation which has come up time and again with Glimesh, especially as we continue work on the current roadmap phase, is that of raiding and whether or not it should be called something unique on Glimesh. However, with recent events such as hate raids we feel this topic is even more important, does the name “raiding” have a place anymore?

Whatever your views on the names, we promise you full control over raids and hosts when they do come in as part of this current roadmap. You will be able to disable the option for people to raid and/or host when we do launch this feature.

You can get involved in the conversation over whether raiding should be renamed for Glimesh here: https://build.glimesh.tv/t/new-name-for-raiding/219/18

Glimtober: The marketing team recently ran Glimtober via Twitter. Much like inktober this was halloween themed with various topics to draw throughout October, but with a Glimesh twist - it was all about drawing our Glimdrop mascot in different costumes. We received 7 entries for this, which you can see a video of here: https://twitter.com/glimesh/status/1454802840879304709.

A big thank you to TJLWay, TentaclesLover69 and Chris for their submissions, we loved them all!

If you have any suggestions for changes for next year, or any thoughts surrounding this year’s Glimtober please let us know via our thread in Building Glimesh: https://build.glimesh.tv/t/glimdrop-inktober-halloween/278/37

Winter on Glimesh: For many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is fast approaching and much like Pride Month and Halloween, we are wanting a themed logo. We are looking for suggestions, or designs, which could help us create the perfect winter themed logo for our Discord and Twitter. If this is something you think you would be interested in you can get involved on Building Glimesh here: Winter theme logo: https://build.glimesh.tv/t/glimesh-winter-logo-2021/324

In addition to this, we also want to create a range of winter themed Glimdrops! Again, feel free to submit ideas or create some yourself and post them in our dedicated thread in Building Glimesh: https://build.glimesh.tv/t/winter-glimdrops-2021/325. All Glimdrops must be in true SVG format to work with our website. If you are unsure where to start with SVG, here are some programs the team use when working on Glimdrops:

For more information on what colors to use when working on projects for Glimesh, we have style guides available to help get you started here: https://build.glimesh.tv/t/glimesh-and-glimdrop-style-guide/323

Why winter specifically rather than any of the numerous religious holidays this time of year? It’s simple: Glimesh is an agnostic platform, therefore only designs which are winter themed rather than themed to specific religious holidays will be considered for use by the team.

Glimesh News

Presented by Paco1342

Streamlabs OBS: We now appear natively in the SLOBS services list dropdown menu. For those running on the most up to date version of SLOBS, you will no longer be required to use a patcher! Simply click the “Show All Services” button and find us there. note this is not full support for alerts etc, just the services list

Streamloots: Streamloots now shows when a streamer on Glimesh is live! This means for anyone logged into Streamloots, you will see your streamers show up when they are live on the platform!

Further streamloots news comes in the form of partnerships. We would like to send a HUGE congratulations to Ferret, BlitzkriegMeph and ArtofCod who are all now officially Streamloots partners! They have all made partners through Glimesh and that’s all thanks to the support of the Glimesh community.

Events Page: The keen eyed among you may have noticed we now have an events page. This comes with a scrollable calendar with little circles that show you any days with an event. The circles are color coded, indicating if they are a GCT Event, Community Event or Glimesh Event. If you click the circles, you can expand the calendar to get more information about what the event is and the time. In addition to these, there is also the “Featured Event” column. This will show the next 5 featured events coming up and is now automated to pull the next event onto the homepage feature spot once it falls within 7 days of the start date.

Currently, we do not have a perfect way to display more than one event on the homepage at a time due to how it makes the homepage look. If you have any suggestions for how best this can be handled please let us know. For now though, once one event ends the next in line will replace it so long as it is within 7 days of its start date.

If you would like your Event featured, you can apply now to the events team via this form: https://forms.gle/6VpqMzc6i1XomaP86

Mobile app: Small victory on this as we have finally been approved for our iOS Dev App. This is one of the main things which has been holding us back with development. We hope to be able to bring you more news soon!

Twitter giveaway: As some of you may have seen, we ran a giveaway on Twitter for the first two people to correctly guess what our new features are. The winners of this giveaway were JustJorja and EmpressAkara. Jorja correctly guessed the addition of donations to the platform and EmpressAkara correctly guessed we are increasing the split of subscriptions to the streamer (60% now!) more information on this in our Feature Update blog!


The community asked us, so we answered, here are the burning questions from the community from this edition of GCTalks!

  1. Is VOD storage coming to Glimesh?

This is a highly requested feature but at the present time not on the roadmap for Glimesh. There is a lot of work out in terms of how to store it and how this would work for costs as video storage is really expensive.

For now there are workarounds, such as restreaming your stream as an unlisted video to youtube so you can download it later or recording direct to your PC via and OBS/SLOBS.

For clips, you can enable a replay buffer via SLOBS/OBS too! We have a handy guide for this here: https://support.glimesh.tv/en-us/7-stream-settings/163-recording-clips-locally

  1. Do you have any merchandise/are there any plans to expand your range of merchandise?

We currently have a range of different t-shirts on our website https://glim.shop/ which are available for worldwide shipping. We would love to bring you more merchandise but we want to make sure that you are getting both the best quality, and the best prices which is something we are actively working towards.

If you do have suggestions for places we should check out to supply merchandise, feel free to let us know on Building Glimesh!

  1. How do I upload GIFs to the website?

For a guide on how to upload your own emotes and GIFs, you can check out support article here: https://support.glimesh.tv/en-us/15-channel-help/179-how-do-i-upload-my-own-static-animated-emotes

You can currently upload 2 of your own emotes of GIFs to the website for use on your channel; this can be in any combination so 1 of each, 2 static images or 2 GIFs.

We have plans to roll out more features for this which will allow for use of different file formats for emotes, options for allowing use of emotes outside of your own channel, and even locking them to subscribers or followers only. However, these are plans which are still under development.