GCT Dashboard Changes

Howdy there fellow developers and/or people who are passing by!

I noticed while browsing through the games earlier that some tags/games are named weirdly, such as random capitals, for example, I saw GUild Wars 2 earlier. I did notice that the /admin scope does have access to modify tags and categories but not subcategories. After speaking with some of the GCT members earlier I thought it would be nice for them to have access to modify tags and subcategories.

My proposal:

Tags page on the GCT dashboard that loosely mimics the one currently available on the admin scope. This would be paginated with potentially a search box(if I can finally grasp how to get one to work). GCT members would be able to modify tags, which would include their name and slug or delete a tag outright (if someone makes a tag that is deemed inappropriate).

Subcategories page on the GCT dashboard that would follow a similar design to the above-mentioned tags page. In addition to being able to edit the name and such, they would also be able to specify a link to an image to be displayed on the subcategories’ page. This would allow for our team to also add new games to the gaming category entirely without needing to do it from their channel page(albeit this isn’t a big hassle since it takes the same number of steps, if not less).

Why I believe these would be good:

Our GCT is not only a moderation team but the forefront of our community. We should be empowering them with tools that will allow them to not only moderate easier but also make the community a better space. While odd-looking tags don’t directly hurt anyone, I feel having the ability to modify tags will allow, for lack of a better term, a more professional feel to our system.

I’d love any feedback and thoughts on this. I don’t think they need access to the main categories since those will rarely need changing and could be done by Glimesh Staff themselves.


I agree with both the scope of this and the idea driving it. Helping to curate those tags can help with both a clean and easy system, and to avoid any trolls or ToS violations more easily.

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Sounds like a great idea! There may be some implications to allowing editing of the slug, so double check the database on that one. Main categories (Gaming, Tech, etc) should be hardcoded honestly since we expect them in the nav.

Yeah, I definitely think that the main categories should never be dynamically changed noting the navbar doesn’t dynamically change.

As for the slugs good catch, I’ll have to double-check to see if those are easily editable, if not it doesn’t seem like too much of an issue unless the tag was being re-written which in that case you’d probably want to just delete the old one and create a new one.

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The first stages of the update can be found here Adding a 2FA flag to a user's info area and a new user actions dropdown by mja00 · Pull Request #738 · Glimesh/glime

I plan on figuring out a new way to paginate and search through tables for the site as we do have quite a few tags and searching is a need. Plus once figured out it can be used across the site.

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