Frontpage Throughts

So I had a really random thought of what would the frontpage look like if it were all centered. So my limited skills made up a random mock up to see what some more design savvy people thought.

Also thought an event ticker might be a cool touch, that could highlight events on the front page and require less maneuvering to the site.

But thought I would bring up the idea and get some general thoughts. Perhaps someone who is better at this as well can make a better looking mockup lol

I gotta be honest, I don’t like it at all! It doesn’t look clean, it looks messy and disorganized (even for a mockup). To me, horizontal event tickers/scrolling news feed text feels like a very dated design element from 10 years ago. If we aim to be the “Next-Gen Live streaming” site we need to look the part.

What is the motivation behind this design proposal/experiment? Are we trying to optimize for something? What is the goal here?

So a company I really like recently redid their website and it made me wonder about how ours would look in a similar fashion PowerGPU - Putting The Power In Your Hands

Our current design kind of hops all over the place in terms of the object justification. Our top menu is justified left, then we move to center, then justified left, and then events are justified right. You then scroll down and we are back to justified center.

We also have three drop down menus on the one page. My thought was we could bring this down to one dropdown and move elements of those other dropdowns to a more visible place. The first dropdown can honestly be confused for a divider the way it is positioned and the items underneath it can easily be overlooked. Then we have one for the language and theme and then the profile. I think it would be a lot easier for people if searching was available on the frontpage and I also think with the way events currently stands it looks out of place. I also think when we have multiple events on the same day we need a way to highlight both of those events on the same page. Example we have 2 events December 18th but only one is currently highlighted.

Overall though I think that the frontpage could use some general tweaks here and there and I am mostly just coming up with some brainstorming ideas to help improve those aspects.

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