[ From Discord ] Hire streamers to grow viewership

Katrina suggested on discord:

you can take this as suggestion that you should start hiring streamers so that you get audience

Others have already mentioned that mixer proved this does not work. Conversely Trovo seems to have shown it can work

I’ll add to the discussion that:

  • Glimesh is self-funded, so it isn’t really an option for us, unless we were to run tons of ads on the site.
  • i dont think it is a sustainable business model, as streamers will abandon ship if you stop paying them
  • it will bring in both viewers and streamers who aren’t here simply because they like the platform. This could breed toxicity in the community

I think that the platform has enough merit in how it operates to warrant it’s own growth. Just needs more people to know about it and be fully aware of what Glimesh really offers.

Additionally, when FTL works, it’s a superior viewer experience, especially in relation to the use of Streamloots cards. It’s so much easier to time card uses to cause as much chaos as possible…assuming the stream itself is in to that kind of engagement, which in fairness, isn’t the case for everyone but still, all that paired with the fact there’s no ads slapping you in the face, I believe it’s a strong point in Glimesh’s favour for viewer growth.

As for streamers themselves, they get to enjoy faster chat responses, simpler payout system (at least for now), no affiliate/partner program BS to qualify for monetization, less saturated streamer base, so on and so forth. Now I get that a limited audience makes it hard for most people to switch but the more streamers coming to the platform and feeling it’s less pressure overall, I think eventually the viewership will follow as the platform develops further and the marketing efforts slowly but surely keep reminding people what’s truly on offer here.

Finally I wanna say I’m in full agreement with your points, @Cykotiq

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Caffeine.tv does this. I can unequivocally say, based on speaking to a former dev there, is the major reason why it’s turned into a shitshow that prides mediagenic qualities (read: looks) over actual gameplay and other qualities (read: talent and being human). With one or two exceptions, said dev told me the streamers that are left there are people who are getting paid as the regular crowd noped out ages ago and from what little I’ve seen, I fully agree.

No way in hell would I want Glimesh to end up like them.

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Also would like to raise the point that I don’t believe it’s really in line with our values of giving everyone a fairly equal opportunity at things.

If we start paying some people to come and stream, why aren’t we paying everyone to steam? Etc.

I know that even larger platforms pay streamers to use it, such as Facebook Gaming. However most of the creators who have taken that deal in the past have either had a fairly negative experience with their streams or abandoned the idea entirely and reverted to other platforms. It shows that even on a large scale it’s not a sustainable model.

I get the desire to want more people streaming and using the platform, but they really need to be using it because they want to. Not because they are being paid to.


This had both positive and negative implications. While we on Glimesh will see this as getting a major player many off-platform may see this as buying viewers. While lurking in many Twitch streams many of those streamers saw the Ninja/Shroud mixer moves as Microsoft buying viewers. This left them having a bad view of Mixer often leading these streamers to tell their viewers not to go to Mixer.

I would rather see a complete marketing plan over buying a few streamers. Good marketing can have a HUGE effect.

I think the marketing plan should just be being a good streaming platform. Growth will be slow but should pay off in the long run and be more sustainable. If Glimesh continues as it has been I reckon in about 2 years we’ll have people constantly discovering the platform and being like “How am I only finding out about this now?!” and I think that’s honestly the ideal scenario.

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