Followed Channels list on Home Page

I personally feel that there should be a list of your followed channels on the home page, or perhaps just a List of the people you follow that are currently live. I think this would help with people who tend to browse the home page and may not realise that someone that they follow is currently live.

I personally dislike the clutter on other services and would be fearful of us ending up in in a situation where it looks similar with a big followed list down the side of the pages etc. However, more people seem to be suggesting this/similar things of late, so I shall happily discuss ideas on how this could work.

Presently the top bar does tell you if people are live (see screenshot, red means live and following, yellow means someone you follow is hosting) at a glance, though ill agree it doesn’t show who is live.


IMO if this was something to be implemented, it should be something which sits below the fold of the featured streamers, and is a carousel similar to eh freature stuff, but of people who are currently live that you follow. This way the clean UI of the homepage is kept.

Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

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As much as I can appreciate such a thing but personally I like that every space has it’s specific thing. Nothing is redundant. Also at this stage Twitch has left such a bad taste in my mouth the less this site resembles it and goes their own way, the better. That’s just me though. I won’t mind it too much I don’t think if it were to be implemented, I just hope it’s not purely on the basis of a Twitch standard.

The way I see it it’s like:
Homepage is for featured streams
Category pages are for specific types of streams
Following page is for followed streams

Even with that I still prefer to have the events page as my Glimesh bookmark.

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