First August Staff Meeting

Date: August 11th, 2020

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting our new blog :D. Our first post is all about sharing the results of yesterday’s staff meeting. We chatted for about an hour about the Glimesh Roadmap and had some great conversations about how we can communicate effectively and help manage expectations. Thank you all for stopping by either in the DIscord, or watching live on our website!

Stop by next Tuesday at 6PM EST for our next Staff Meeting!


Present Alpha Roadmap & discuss how to manage expectations from community & public.

Weekly Metrics

Users Discord Twitter Reddit Instagram Facebook
This Week 1317 801 1036 152 71 31
Last Week 944 700 841 89 57 23
Diff 373 :arrow_up: 101 :arrow_up: 195 :arrow_up: 63 :arrow_up: 14 :arrow_up: 8 :arrow_up:


  • Merged internationalization framework into the project! We can now translate Glimesh into other languages, and provide our users a more comfortable browsing experience. Huge thanks to @mja00 for this tedious work!
  • Good conversations with Lightstream & Pretzel about business partnerships
  • Very fun AMA hosted on Reddit! Got some questions answered & learned about waffles
  • Huge win on the Profile Customizations and Pre-follows, thank you to the community!
  • Huge new features in the works: two factor auth, report buttons, and emoji selectors!


  • US Government extremely behind on EIN applications.
  • Lack of information around foreign tax and legal obligations, re: payout


How to communicate with potential customers what we have, what’s next, and how we help manage their expectations?

Are there any major features not on our Beta Roadmap that leave us dead in the water?

Ideal Launch:

  • Always someone live
  • Strong community values
  • Core moderation team
  • Diverse streaming types


  • We’re on time and recording!
  • We’re focusing on growing our social media presence and it’s really paying off. Every new person coming to follow us is another person, another voice, another member of our community and we’re super excited to have everyone.
  • Our metrics are just raw counts, we don’t do any trimming of fake or “troll” accounts
    • Could look at verified emails to trim down users
  • 30 questions for our AMA Reddit - great opportunity to get in front of users who haven’t heard of us before
  • Clone’s batteries & mic are the worst….
  • Great question about worries of contributors coming back and demanding payment for their contribution
    • Contributors license
  • Our EIN is still pending, Stripe is following up with the IRS to make sure our request is moving forward. We cannot accept money or payment in any form until this is approved.
  • When will we apply for a Trademark?
    • No plans for this at the moment, we are already protected because we’ve claimed the name.
  • Unveiled the roadmap after much cliffhanging!
    • Roadmap is Alpha, is subject to change based on time, resources, and priority.
    • Certain things are contingent on scale
    • We are not comfortable holding back the platform until we have every little feature.
    • MVP - you can stream on the platform, interact, etc.
    • Forgotten Features - things we should have, but we don’t have just yet. Time is not on our side and we want to release ASAP
    • Iteration after launch will be the best part because we get to improve on the existing, real product, not just build something based on what’s worked before.
    • Will microtransactions be available in “forgotten features”?
      • We don’t know enough about microtransaction legalities and regulations to implement it for alpha
      • Would be looking for guidance from a lawyer on how to correctly and legally implement this
    • Co streaming = Group streaming on the roadmap
    • Clip Discovery Algorithm?
      • When we get to clips, we’re going to make sure the clips can be labeled, shared, embedded, links back to streamers page on Glimesh.
      • Aren’t sure what the exact implementation of clip discoverability will be when implementing the feature, but that’s what we get to explore!
  • People are going to hate us…but that’s okay because we want to learn how to communicate most effectively
    • There are features on the roadmap that people want that we aren’t going to have, that people want, that people think we already have but don’t.
    • How do we manage when that happens?
      • Blog Posts are effective
      • Dev Streams
      • Strong social presence
      • …and cute cats
      • Iterate as quick as possible
      • Define goals for marketing strategy
    • We need to get on par before we go beyond
    • Make sure you’re creating & catering the content for the market you’re targeting
    • If there is a feature voted highly on the trello board that we are not talking about, that will most likely be a problem
  • Get aspect ratios for customizable elements.


YouTube Recording: