Feedback on the Building Glimesh rules

Hey folks, I created some initials rules for the new Building Glimesh forum based on some other community based projects I love. I locked the original post to keep it clean, but I opened this topic so we can discuss the rules posted here: Welcome to the new Building Glimesh!


A would recommend adding something along the lines of “please educate yourself and read any previous conversation before joining an ongoing talk” to the list. If this place is to be for legitimate work, then drive-by opinions won’t cut it - we need thoughtful, informed discussion and not kneejerk reactions because someone saw a buzzword.

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That’s a good idea, how about:

  1. Take the time to fully read and understand the existing conversation before throwing your two cents in. Be considerate of the time and energy others have spent on the discussion, and ask yourself if this is truly something you are dedicated to help solving before you add your opinion.

That’s perfect, it shows both the expectation of being informed and that if you waste people’s time I’ll not be amused lol.


Could I recommend a section stating something along the lines of not all ideas will be used or implemented or may be changed by others?

Basically thinking something like

By contributing to Glimesh you acknowledge that we may or may not use your idea or work and that the time and work you’ve given is a volunteer contribution. We may also build upon work that you have contributed or make changes to work that may have been done.

I am sure we can change this up some too to not sound like we will just steal all your work lol

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We might want to take the time to formalize a Contributor License Agreement - Wikipedia CLA for all of our contributors.

Open Source repos generally do this because any code you contribute is your copyright unless attributed back to the repo using the CLA.


We can get something started in business on that. I am not very familiar with CLAs but I am sure we can get something started in there.

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Both what Hewia inititally suggested and what Clone has suggested by extension here I feel are really good ideas.

A general we may or may not use it so please understand that given volunteer status is again in the lines of setting expectations from the start which will be really useful.

The CLA, why I don’t have any experience in it I do think is something which is definitely needed. I shall go and educate myself more on this topic and hopefully, if Heiwa does bring this into a discussion I can be of use with some insight here.

On the whole though I think both of these ideas would be perfect in tandem. One for managing expectation and one from a more robust perspective of future proofing works :slight_smile: