Feature Update 2021

Feature Update

This update brings some rather large features to Glimesh that pave the way for upcoming roadmap features. The focus on this update has been to bring new and improved ways for streamers to earn money on Glimesh and giving more control over how you use these monetisation options to suit you and your channel.

First up, those of you who have Streamloots enabled will have noticed the “Addons” tab is no longer there. You will now find all your monetisation options under the Support Modal tab in your profile:


Donations have arrived at Glimesh! This is a completely integrated system, you will need to have Stripe set up for subscriptions in order for this to be available to you but you do not need to have subscriptions enabled to have your donation button active (more on this later). If you have subscriptions on your account donations will already show in your support button on your stream.

  • Payments are paid directly to your bank much the same way that subscriptions are now.

  • Fees charged by Stripe are 2.9% + 30¢ USD

  • Glimesh charges no fees

This feature is especially important as it lays some of the payment framework required for gifted subscriptions which are part of our current Alpha Phase 2 roadmap.

Customisable Support Button

You will now find your Streamloots, donations and subscription options under the support modal as mentioned above. With this we introduce some new features which allow you full control of what and when you want to display these features in your support button on stream.

You can now turn on or off display of these options at any time allowing you to customise how you monetise your streams whether it be temporarily turning off donations for a charity stream or wanting to temporarily turn off your Streamloots redemptions while you rework you card sets, customise it your way.

Custom Support and Donate Link

You can now use direct links to your donate and subscribe buttons. For donations use https://glimesh.tv/USERNAMEHERE/support/donate and for subscriptions use https://glimesh.tv/USERNAMEHERE/support/subscribe

*Be sure to replace USERNAMEHERE with your username for these links to work

Streamer Subscription Cut

Starting now all subscriptions going forward will see the streamer earn 60% of the cut, replacing our previous 50/50 model. Glimesh is still covering the fees so enjoy that extra money because you deserve it!

Here is how the breakdown now works:

Glimesh Subscription: $5

  • Platform Cut: $2.00

  • Payment Processing: $0.45

  • Payout Processing: $0.20

  • Chargeback Protection: $0.02

  • Servers & Bandwidth: $1.00

  • Glimesh: $0.33

  • Streamer Cut: $3.00

  • Your Wallet: $3.00

Biweekly Payments

Moving forward Glimesh will be moving to biweekly payments for subscriptions and donations. This may be reviewed in the future but for now this will help Glimesh save on the payment fees making the money go a little further to be invested into more Glimesh projects.

For a more in depth look at any of these features please head over to Building Glimesh where you will find links to the Github where these are located: https://build.glimesh.tv/t/site-update-0-1-0-d51366f-next-gen-payments/322