Emotes to be used in a group / Network of Streamers as opposed to Globally

I was watching a few YouTube Vids and most people when talking about leaving twitch were talking about YouTube’s need to include user emotes on a global scale. This got me thinking… There were a lot of emotes on Twitch that could have been considered “Inside Jokes” and in other channels, they can be seen as Tolling. Or some Gaming emotes may look and appear off when used in a Finance / Makeup stream.

My suggestion was that if Glimesh was not wanting users emotes to be global then we can set up “Teams”, “Groups” or a “Network” where all (or shared) emotes can be used cross-channel within Said Network. While also still adhering to if an emote requires a subscription of course.

This would allow emotes to be used with other “approved” streamers advancing camaraderie while also minimizing the need for Glimesh to moderate troll emotes.


Interesting idea but I fear this will potentially play into the idea of people splitting off into their own separate communities as opposed to continuing to encourage that the whole site is the community. That’s probably just me though and I am biased since I think that kind of thing enables worse things.

That said you make a good point about potential trolling so I wonder if it would be good to offer streamers the ability to approve global emote usage in their chat. Like if someone tries to use one they haven’t seen said emote message will require approval from the streamer or their mods to effectively opt-in their channel to that emotes. Like an approval based emote whitelist or maybe an opt-out blacklist would work better. I dunno.

The GCT, when reviewing submitted emotes, can choose whether emotes are approved for global use or restricted to channel use. We obviously will not approve any emotes for global or channel use that are offensive or against our Terms of Service. If user submitted emotes are being used to troll or harass, the issue is almost surely not with the emote itself but with the person doing the trolling.

Saying that segmenting the user base and emotes in this way is in the interest of advancing camaraderie is counter-productive, in my opinion.

We do want emotes to be global! Not only do some people put much time, thought, effort and potentially money into their emotes but it also develops a global sense of togetherness to see the emotes of so many streamers coexisting in one place for all to use. It’s really cool seeing all the crazy, beautiful, funny, hilarious emotes that people choose.

A secondary consideration for this is that to implement this suggestion, it would require building a team system entirely from the ground up and getting it to play nice with the website structure that is already in place, then balancing the emote layers on top of that. That is not an insignificant amount of work, especially for a volunteer-led platform!

This is definitely something worth discussing, and considering we have talked before about having some sort of “Team/Group” system these could possibly be developed in tandem to work well together (if it was something we decided to do). I feel pretty confident in saying that the possibility of having groups and being able to toggle on or off global emotes per team is not something that is going to happen soon for sure. The future is a different story, we will have to see where the conversation leads us on that one!

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That makes me think, if Glimesh was to ever get round to some sort of sparks/channel points-ish kind of thing, that could be interesting as like a team-based thing…

…then again, this is an impulse idea that just popped into my head at 1 in the morning. Tomorrow Banjax will either develop the idea further more mindfully or just cringe

Would love to see “Spark” utilized at Glimesh. I’d call it Flare or something.

Flare can mean a few things

  1. To flame up with a bright, wavering light.
  2. “Damn this Channels got some Flare going on”
  3. “You only have the minimum 14 pieces of Flare on!”
  4. Rick Flare Woooo!

I would just change it so you only see global emotes for the channels you follow, or for the channel you are currently in. As glimesh grows the emoji picker will get way too bloated (thousands of streams with one emote each is still 1000 emotes). It also gives you a reason to explore new streams when you see an emote you don’t recognize


This is a very good point Cykotiq. Imagine 10k plus emotes in the picker…you would never find what your after. I feel adding in the small thing of seeing global emotes of people you follow will help minimise the picker just being rammed with emotes.


Presently, a lot of the limitation sin how things display is due to the limitations of the emote picker we use. We need to update to a new (preferably custom) emote picker in the future.

This way we can separate things out for better display and loading, amongst other things. :slight_smile:

As the Site grows, you will have the Streamers and Viewers break into its little communities regardless.

I wonder if it’ll be helpful to look into a sort of emote inventory/loadout in account settings would be a decent solution possibility to this in said future.

Yeah with this in mind I feel it’s just practical and fair to limit everyone to having only one of their emotes being global. Besides who knows what that limitation could lead to. I can totally envision some streamers having seasonal emotes, emotes based on their favourite game currently, a weekly poll or just a random rotation. I think that could be a surprisingly cool way to customize how your followers interact with your stream.

True enough but am I wrong for feeling that Glimesh should avoid possibly enabling that? I can dream, can’t I?

Of course! I’d love for Glimesh to feel like a small tight-knit family even when dominating the Streaming scene. Beam had this and not much changed when Microsoft came and bought them. It was when Ninja and Shroud came in they brought a lot of their communities with them. From the highly respected viewer to the trolling ignoramus. I believe it was at that time Mixer started to feel a bit off. This is where I started to see a few Trolling emotes from streamers that blew up on the platform when they moved.

This is why I’m thinking emotes shared within a team can be beneficial or a topic to consider.