Emote Category Tagging And General Overhaul Suggestions

Sorry for starting a new thread, but my ideas deviate quite a bit from the original.

Previous emote discussion here: Emote system - Ideas, suggestions and discussion

General Emote Suggestions

  • Max emote file size: 512kb
  • Max number of emotes that can be uploaded: 60 (30 mb or more if various sizes needed)
  • Streamers can activate/deactivate emotes from the settings page. Uploaded emotes are not available for use until they are approved by the GCT.
  • Attempt to support more file formats. This may require supporting uploading emotes in different sizes. The different sized emote variations should not count against the maximum number of uploads.

Category Tagging/Automatic Alternative Emotes

Give the streamer the ability to upload “variant” emotes that have the same trigger phrase (ie. :glimhello:) but are only active when the stream is in a particular category/sub-category or has a particular tag.

Some examples:

  • Streamer uploads two “salute” emotes both called “:o7:” , one is not tagged at all so it becomes a “generic” variant and one is tagged as the “Gaming” category for sub-category “Elite Dangerous”. The first variant will be the “default” emote to display when a user types “:o7:” but the second variant will automatically display when the stream is in the “Gaming/Elite Dangerous” category.
  • Streamer uploads three “hello” emotes all called “:hello:” and each is themed for a particular holiday or event. The streamer can associate a tag with each of the emotes that will automatically make those emotes active when the tag is in use (ie. “Community Pride”, or “Fright Month”, or “Winter Holidays”, etc.)

Follower, Sub-Only, and Channel-Only Emotes

  • Allow the streamer to mark emotes as either Follower-only, Sub-only, and/or Channel-only. Follower only emotes is the default and will restrict the use of the channel’s custom emotes to followers only. Sub-only emotes are restricted to current channel subscribers only. Follower and Sub emotes not restricted to channel-only may be used across Glimesh. Channel-only is an additional attribute that can be specified on an emote so it cannot be used in other Glimesh channels – thus Follower and Sub emotes can be further restricted to the channel that originated them.
  • Variants of emotes will inherit the visibility of the general emote – you will not be able to further restrict an automatic variant emote as this would be insanity to filter by in addition to categories/tags.

Clean/Organize the Emote Menu

  • Remove the generic emote categories in the emote picker and just have the custom category available.
  • If possible, organize the custom category into sub-sections where the current channel’s custom emotes are at the top and the platform emotes are at the bottom.
  • Make the picker automatically close after an emote is selected (is an option on the js library we’re using)

More thoughts, suggestions are very welcome!

The plan with emotes has always been to expand it to allow more emotes, file types and things like sub only, follower only etc as a longer term eventual thing so on those points ive not much to say beyond yep, agree.

The tag specific variants though, sounds like a really cool idea honestly and a gamer changer. I know lots of streamers who rotate games have emotes specific to those games, having them display the ones specific to that game would be very cool!

While i like the generic emote picker part of the emotes, it is clunky in its use, i tend to type :emotenamehere: so the fact the other emotes in the picker dont (or at least my dumb brain hasnt seen it) do that , means i tend not to use them, but i would miss :eyes: if we took the generic ones away entirely, personally :smile: but i feel they arent massively utilised, and some if the country flags dont work properly, so i entirely undetstand why - we can continue to expand our base set if Glimdrops to give more emotes anyway!

An auto close on the emote picker would honestly be so nice - it would also be nice if i could just use the arrow keys to navigate through emotes, Im not sure if thats even possible but something similar to how Discord does it, you start typing an emote name in, and you can just scroll through to pick the one from the list you want.

My reply here had ended a bit abruptly, but thank you for the conversation starter!

Just saying, I would love to see a global Glimdrop variant of this.

I just wanna point out that this ordering between channel and platform emotes might help entice people to use channel/sub emotes more which is a good thing I think.

Not sure if I’d personally use it but it’s a nice and innovative idea!


I believe the emote picker currently allows keyboard interaction, I just don’t know if it works properly with our setup. But good points!

I threw that suggestion out there really to see if anyone felt passionately about keeping the generic emotes. I’m curious as to how often they are used and whether or not we’d be better served by just having our own custom emote picker rather than an off-the-shelf one.

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Oh I wouldn’t say im passionate towards keeping it not at all, I feel its not very well utilised, certinaly not from the streams ive watched/seen anyway. While there are a couple of choice emotes from it, its very much the Glimdrops which get used I think


I still just wish we had autocomplete for :glim____: emotes

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emote tagging sounds really confusing and there isn’t really a precedent set of anyone else doing it that way to make it less confusing

I like the idea of setting emotes to only be accessible by followers/subs/in channel only etc and i think it may have even been part of the original design at one point, but was probably removed since it hadn’t yet been implemented (I could be wrong)

I have no issues with the emote menu in its current form, though it could be easier to use. autocomplete/suggest from the chat box would be nice. I do like having the full [generic] selection of emotes though - It is a standardized set that is used by most apps. i know there are certain emotes that don’t always work (some of the flags I think) but i believe our current library also has an option to use svg for everything that would solve this. SVG could also allow emotes to scale up when used alone in a chat message(not just glimesh ones), and it would enable color/working emotes for old windows platforms (a niche bonus…that might affect me personally)