Email users when a stream they follow goes live for the first time

I’ve noticed a recurring theme where streamers post out their links when they are not live and get brand new followers, but the new followers don’t check the notification button, so they do not get a chance to check the streamer out.

I suggest that we add an automatic feature that if you follow a streamer while they are offline, the first time (not future) they start streaming again we send you a notification. Of course it would follow the same rules as our existing promotional messages, but could be a good way to ensure streamers get some value out of their new audience.

So would this be an opt-out thing then? Ie. When you follow a streamer who is offline you are prompted with something like “cykotiq is offline right now, but we’ll email you next time they go live [no thanks]”

I suspect that is the challenging aspect of this. Creating an opt-in would be required (my understanding), but maybe we could package it into a “Promotional Emails” checkbox when you create your account.

packaging it under “promotional emails” seems more sneaky to me. I don’t think opt-out is always a bad thing, especially if the user is notified each time when following, that they will be opted in (and given the option to opt-out right then and there).

Oh I like that idea, I guess I originally said it would be opt in only because of email regulations, however if the follow button is expanded to mean that by default & notify the user, maybe that works?

However I am afraid that we’d be on the quick path to spam filters if we don’t explicitly ask for permission.

I was thinking something along these lines


This is an awesome solution to it!

That looks really clean. Noticeable, but unobtrusive. I like it!!

I agree with the above comments here, that is such a simple feature but super useful and clean!

Anything like this that only helps both parties (streamer and viewer) is for sure a win.

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I thought this was already implemented somewhere. As my followers complained that they were getting emails about me going live. But most were not checking their emails. I like the idea, I would like to add to it.

+same option for visibility but options for sms notification/push notifications. But there would need to be away to have it not send multiple notifications if a streamer was having stability issues with their stream.

The feature we currently have allows you to be emailed everytime your favorite streamer goes live, but you have to opt-into it.


Ahh yes. I remember that now. Yeah I like your idea even better now. Would love to see sms notifications In there.

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Would love to see sms notifications In there.

pretty sure sending all those SMS would cost money. It’d make much more sense to have it be a part of the future mobile app notifications