Don't show deleted / inactive accounts

MIght be a bit too early to think about, but maybe at some point there needs to be a method for removing dead/banned/closed accounts. For example, I have one Glimesh account that I follow that by all indicators looks either banned or closed (I have no idea). But it leads nowhere (it redirects to the main site) and it doesn’t use a pre-rendered account logo, so I’m assuming that it’s gone. Either way, it looks ugly (and some might say unprofessional):

Please note I’m not talking about just unused accounts; that’s a whole different thing and that would probably fall under reclaiming names from unused accounts years from now. I’m talking about the ones that are likely not to be reclaimed and even if the person comes back, would likely be assigned a new account number.

It’s by no means a high priority (if I hadn’t been looking through my follows list because I forgot the spelling of one person, I would have never noticed it, TBH), but I thought I’d get the ball rolling on this, as eventually it’ll have to be brought up (and hell, some others might have even more of these than I do.)

Thanks for the report @Shinzakura – I’ve moved this topic into the bugs category as showing “deleted” users is not intended functionality.

@mja00 added some code here, I’m not sure if it’s been deployed though.

Has not been deployed yet. I ran into some funkiness and haven’t gotten the time to revisit it.

New PR for fixing this bug.

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This has been fixed in Site Update 0.1.0+14bba77: Hiding banned users, fixing failing homepages & stats

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