Donation Presets

Feature introduction

This optional set of presets allows the user who are not sure what Amount to enter in the TextBox and therefor simplifies the donation process.

Why this feature?

We all have come across a viewer who wants to carry out a generous donation but has no idea how much he wants to donate so he/she sometimes will look for presets to use.

Additional Notes

I would love to receive feedback about this.

Do you mean at the actual donation page or on the donate page on Glimesh?

On the donate page on glimesh the box is defaulted to $5 for donations (see below image) - it would require a rework of how that box looks, if you mean once you click through to checkout that would be as to whether can do that through Stripe.


For a general website UI in terms of that first page and box you open, any of our coders could achieve that for sure if we can find a way to make it look right, if you mean on the checkout page, i believe that would have to be a clone thing if this was to be voted in favor of.

Actually, I was thinking more about this approach. Did a rough Mockup inside of ShareX

If the user is unsure of what amount to use, they can just press one of the buttons and then proceed to checkout.

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I’d line 'em up alongside the “Amount” along the top and keep them low profile. Like make them same colour as the background with a thin white border. Don’t bother with the word “presets”. Simply having the buttons that would autofill the input box should be intuitive enough to provide the desired experience.


On the subject of donations, it would be nice if it was set up so it redirects into a new tab rather than yoinking us from watching the stream. Just saying.

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I like that with the options just above, its clean, doesnt impact the current UI and compliments it nicely.

(Also ditto on the new tab thing)

MemoryLeakDeath said he wants to tackle this. I agree that the Checkout Button hijacks the Current Active Tab, making us miss the streamer’s reaction.

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