Discussion of "Seeking Marketing Co-founder"

Hey folks, I just posted our first ever “job posting” in the new blog section of Building Glimesh, if you haven’t read it already check it out here: Seeking Marketing Co-founder

I wanted to create this discussion thread for any feedback, questions, comments, or anything else you’d like to say in relation to this post.

The impetus behind looking for a Marketing Co-founder is honestly the giant skills gap I personally have when it comes to marketing. I’ve spent the past year on and off trying to grow Glimesh as much as I can, and marketing for me feels like pulling my teeth out. I created this posting in order to help kickstart the conversation with anyone who is interested in helping grow Glimesh more formally. As you all know we’re all volunteers today, with varying levels of commitment. This role would be taking that next step of dedicated towards Glimesh.

Over the next couple of days I’ll be sharing this posting to as many locations as I can in the hopes of starting some conversations, but I believe if we do find a co-founder it will takes its deserved time to happen. In reality we may actually see more hybrid roles appear out of this in the event we cannot find anyone who is interested.

If you know someone who is a great fit for this role, I’d appreciate you sharing the posting. I believe if we can find the right person for this role, we’ll be well on our way to being where we all want to be. Thank you!


:wave: Well Howdy! Happy to help!

What, requirements, needs… I’m interested in helping with marketing, strategies and practical application, on google ads, facebook ads, youtube and instagram…

All the information is in this post here: Seeking Marketing Co-founder

Including who to get in touch regarding it

I would like to get into that role. I have experience in digital marketing, for companies, and in fact I live exclusively from it. linkedim Expeience