Discoverability Mode

This could be an awful idea, but thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

Very similar to Steam’s Discovery Queue, where it plays gameplay trailers of new and old games etc. I think it would be interesting to incorporate this into Glimesh.

Have a button for ‘Discovery’, which will open up a random stream. Perhaps using the same methodology as the homepage, but open up the stream channel as if it had been clicked.

Once the stream ends, it picks up the next random stream on the homepage. (Not host related)

You could also include a ‘Previous’ / ‘Next’ button to skip content that might not be your taste, and move onto the next stream.

I’m not totally convinced on this last bit, but you could even have a timer to run for 5, 10 or 15 minute increments before automatically changing to the next stream.

Whichever path you took, it would be a never ending cycle of content.

I’m often guilty of lurking in streams whilst I’m working or doing other things, so once a stream ends I either don’t realise or forget to change streams. ~Webpage silence~

In Summary / TL;DR:

Like the homepage, but automatically plays streams in full view. :rofl:

I like the idea – I was thinking of something like Youtube shorts where you can scroll down the page and as streams scroll into view they start to play (maybe with the chat panel, but not sure on that).


Ahh I like that idea, would be a lot less clunky than my original suggestion. I suppose my only questions would be when a stream that you’re watching ends, would it scroll onto the next one? If you’re already at the bottom of the list, would it scroll to the top?