Discord Stickers

I don’t know what they are but I noticed we don’t have Discord stickers. Might be something fun to have if we had some design ideas.

I have no artistic ability but I could probably figure out how to add them if we had some made. Figured I would start a section we could have to start coming up with some Stickers to use.


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I agree stickers would be a great idea ^^

There’s no reason why some of the glimdrops which are more detailed couldn’t be stickers, allow the detail to shine a little more :slight_smile:

Are stickers different enough to make it worth the duplication?

Doesn’t have to be duplicated, we could just take the more details ones and use them only as stickers.

Or. As another suggestion, make seasonal ones i.e halloween limited time stickers or something.

I asked for this about a month ago in the suggestions channel, so I’m definitely on board with making Glimesh stickers a thing!

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Ok added a bunch of the logo. Gotta get some Glimdrops added.

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