December Roadmap & Feature Update

December Roadmap & Feature Update
December 16th, 2020

Hi everyone! We’re not launched yet (sorry) – but we have a ton of new features that are now live on the site, and also a roadmap update for the end of the year!

Roadmap Update

Since July we have been working diligently to launch a Glimesh Phase 1 Alpha Launch for the end of 2020. Our team has been working hard to overcome the challenges involved to make that happen, but we are not confident that we can get an alpha launch out that would align with our values of what an alpha launch should look like. While we are not looking for perfection from day one, we want to be confident that our alpha represents these goals:

  • Releasing at the same time for all
  • Real time FTL streams
  • Subscriptions for everyone

After evaluating we did not want to sacrifice these core values for the sake of launch. We have taken the time to baseline our Phase 1 roadmap and identified all remaining blockers for an alpha launch and at this point we’re very comfortable in saying that 2021 is the Year of Glimesh.

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##New Features
### Twitter Account Connecting Social media is so important now, especially for growing content creators. We added the ability to link your social accounts very early, but it was hard to use and left room for imposters. We just launched a brand new option where you can connect & verify your Twitter account in a single click from your settings page. Connecting your account will automatically link to your Twitter account from Glimesh with a verified icon.

Animated Emotes

As a special perk for our Platform Subscribers ($5/mo) we’re offering global animated Glimdrop emotes! We’ve added a couple for now and you’ll be able to try them out after we launch payments.

Light & Dark Mode

Now Glimesh is available for both the dark side and the light side! In order to make Glimesh accessible and comfortable for more of you, we’ve introduced a light mode that you can switch to if you prefer! We will also continue adding more features to make the platform more accessible for everyone as we get closer to launch. If you want to switch to light mode you can find it on your new Preferences page!

Chat Timestamps

Keep up with your chat a littler easier by using the new chat timestamps! You can enable this feature on your Preferences page as well.

Chat timestamps

Stream Moderators & Channel Customizations

Get your channel all setup and ready for launch by uploading channel landing images, custom chat backgrounds, rules, and even setting up your channel moderators! You can create your channel now on the Channel Settings page.

Glimesh Credits (and thanks!)

And finally, we launched a new page specifically created to thank our amazing community, supporters, and open source projects that we need to build Glimesh.

And that about wraps it up! We’re making some great progress, but we want to get this right. We can’t wait for y’all to start streaming with us soon and put these great features to use. You can reserve your username and set up your profile now in preparation for launch at!