Dashboard Needed?

This is something that has bothered me since Glimesh launched and maybe it’s just me, but hopefully not. The settings URL is clunky to get to and not all as easily accessible in a quick way.

Currently, it’s located at: glimesh.tv/users/settings/stream, and most people who don’t type in URLs directly access it by clicking their avatar, then settings, then channel settings.

Now, let’s look at some other services.
Twitch: URL is dashboard.twitch.tv, clicking by hand (CBH) is click avatar, then click on creator dashboard
Trovo: URL is studio.trovo.live, CBH is click avatar, then click on dashboard

Note that I mention these two together, as it looks like Trovo’s method is a carbon copy of the former.

I went and got some accounts on other sites (and some of these I’m sure I’m going to regret… :sweat_smile:) just to see how they do it:

DLive: URL is dlive.com/s/dashboard, CBH is clicking the camera icon next to the avatar
Picarto: No clear URL (it’s a borderless popup), CBH is clicking the go live button next to the avatar
Brime: URL is brime.tv/studio, CBH is click avatar, then click on creator studio
Youtube: URL is studio.youtube.com, CBH is click avatar, then click on studio

I didn’t bother with FBG, as I have personal issues about feeding the beast :rofl:, but I presume it’s similar.

My point is that the current setup is somewhat clunky and could do with either a faster URL (subdomain, like others have, or a faster URL) and a separate CBH link (dedicated icon, perhaps?) for those who don’t want to direct type it in. It seems like a small QOL thing that could go a long way for our users. Maybe it’s just me and me alone, but I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this.

Are Channel settings the same thing as your channel dashboard? I know on Twitch they are not, and I assume the others as well have pages that are specifically designed for when you are live. The channel settings page on Glimesh is not that, it’s more like where your stream key is located on twitch.

I suspect this suggestion is more focused around adding a streamer dashboard?

More likely. As it is, if you’re stating that the channel settings link on there is mainly for the stream key, then currently it feels like the stream information functions are shoehorned in for lack of a better location.

Ultimately a dashboard would be the better setup, as it would less imperil the streamer key, as well as have a better home for future features like raiding, etc. And, of course, the easy-to-access point that I’d mentioned initially.

EDIT: I’ve changed the thread topic title to more accurately reflect this idea.