Custom user name colours in chat

Customer colours for users in chat is a helpful and quick way to identify different users.
Please consider.

Unlike twitch, we already have avatars in chat, which I think is much cleaner looking, and a fast way to identify users at a glance vs. Twitch’s rainbow-puke chat.

We also currently use colors to identify special roles (like mixer did) which would conflict with your suggestion


I really preferred the role colours of Mixer compared to the random colours of Twitch. Id vote for Role Colours again tbh :woman_shrugging:t3:


Twitch does allow people to choose colours for their name in all chats. I know the inspiration behind a lot of the design decisions here is Mixer but I know many streamers on twitch who make associations with regulars based on colours.

Do you think associations are made on Twitch by color because there’s no profile picture easily available?


Quite possibly, but I do think its a more easily recognisable system. Profile pictures are detailed and if chat is moving I can see how you can more easily make an association with name length and colour for regulars. Can be difficult to make out detail if things move fast.

I think a system with both is helpful. I just know from my experience even on fast discord chats, that a role colour and profile pic can make things difficult to follow, which is fine when its discord but a disaster while streaming.

Again role colours can make it easy to identify regulars, but not the people in that group.

I’m of the mindset that modularity will be one of glimesh’s strong suites and marketing points. I’d say let the options be there but the streamer choose.


  1. Keep the current colors
  2. Let users use custom colors on your chat
  3. Choose to use the role colors that are set globally for the site

Then a streamer can choose which one benefits them the most, or which one they feel that their community enjoys more. It also makes their stream feel unique because it’s not what “everyone” has.

While i understand the “your stream, your choice” arguement, i also think consistency across the platform is important for ease-of-use. In this case it would not only add complexity to the code, but it would cause confusion to have it 2 different ways, depending on the channel


Agreed with Cykotiq this would be a decision that should be consistent everywhere.

I could argue that it is “consistent”… consistently those 3 choices :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost like the choices we have now about showing recent messages and/or requiring email to be confirmed before being able to chat (the idea being there that eventually glimesh may also add 2fa to be able to chat and that would be another choice; another add to the modularity)

Of course I don’t know how complex it would be to code that as you may have a better eye on that Cykotiq. At that point then we should come up with the choices of potential custom username colors in chat we could use and take a vote to see what gains the majority and work towards getting that working.

Not only is consistency an important decision, but also we consider something that the average streamer does not - accessibility. With the ability to customize your chat background already, adding the ability to customize the colors of names in your chat would make it very, very easy for people to create combinations that are difficult for people with sight issues.

For what it’s worth my personal opinion is that I don’t like it. I greatly dislike going into a stream on Twitch and not knowing who is what, what the colors mean, anything. It adds a sense of chaos and can be incredibly distracting. That is increased exponentially when it’s a popular stream with a busy chat.

I agree that the ability to customize is a great feature and people really enjoy it, but I don’t think we should sacrifice other things to have it, those things namely being consistency, accessibility, and knowing who is in what role at a glance. That being said, I can see an argument for introducing specific colors for specific roles - such as streamer, and moderator. Currently those are handled by a label in chat, but we could always possibly either change that or give the option.

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I think this is a great point and something almost entirely overlooked by many people when discussing chat username colours. I know on the purple side there are a bunch of people who use colours which are often hard on the eyes or just hard to see depending on if the viewer is using light/dark mode etc.

So much so that the BTTV plugin has a mode to alter the colours of ‘hard to see’ usernames.

I know in an earlier discussion around being able to make the chat ‘bubbles’ transparent was the discussion around the text then being hard to read with the custom backgrounds and so it was agreed upon to keep them as is.

My personal opinion is that I would much rather see customisation options continue to appear in things like the chat background, avatars showing etc than username colours.

I also think avatars work better on a branding scale than a colour, and that is something I have always appreciated.


My vote is also for Avatars > custom chat colours.
Avatars are not only more personal but also more unique. On the purple website my brain has several times has recognized a colour and read the first couple letters of a name thinking it was someone but it was actually someone else because they use the same colour.

Roll colours would also allow things like mod or streamer messages to “pop” more. I’m sure we’ve all noticed how easy it is to pick out gold supporter or GCT messages in the GCT streams.

And finally the current avatar setup allows one to quickly spot “blueberries”. As you’re assigned a default avatar. So you an respond accordingly, be cautious if you don’t know how they’ll behave, or be helpful as they may not understand the site, etc


I don’t mind keeping special colors to sub roles/mods, etc. However, can we make the default color a different color? Having a white name AND white chat makes it unpleasant and difficult to look at. Harder to find what the user is saying vs their username. Changing the default name color would make a huge difference imo. Even if it’s basic like a different SHADE of white, a grey, etc.