Create an app for AppleTV

I enjoy the Glimesh app and experience, but creating an AppleTV app to view and interact would be huge as I enjoy watching on a full size screen when not at my pc.

The thing is, people have asked for console/smart TV versions of the Glimesh app since it’s been around. You could go on Discord, do a quick search and find all the people asking for PS, XBox, Roku, AppleTV, etc. versions.

Chances are, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. That’s not because Glimesh doesn’t want to do it, but a matter of resources and manpower. It took a year for Glimesh to get its phone app out, both for the reasons above and the fact that it had to clear certification (Android and iOS). Now think about that, but add all the other variants involved. That becomes untenable with what resources Glimesh has right now.

Trust me, I’d be happy to have an app for my PS4 (or more likely PS5, as the 4 is on the way out the door), but I don’t see that any time soon. Time will tell if it happens (I don’t think there’s even one for Twitch, is there?) but it doesn’t hurt to ask, as you’ve done - that’s how they know there’s a demand.

Hope this helps.

I don’t wanna drag the discussion too far off-topic but, in the case or the mobile app, the driving forces were the high demand and viewership statistics on similar platforms. On similar platforms mobile viewers make up a whopping 30-60% of viewers, so we were missing out on a lot of potential viewers. Android and IOS are also mature, relatively open platforms, with little barrier to entry, and large user bases.

When it comes to consoles there are all kinds of developer agreements, NDAs, and development kits/hardware involved, and if you want to stream from the console as well you need special permission from sony/microsoft which we are unlikely to get (IMHO) until we are the size of twitch or youtube.

I suspect an android tv app, or chromecast support would come long before apple TV