Clips / Social Media functionality

A bunch of us have been discussing the ideas behind Clipping, and the idea we have come up with is:

Clips can be generated and will only stay for 24 hours, in which time you can choose to download those clips to do what you wish with. However while they are held on the platform they sit within a random page (aswell as on your own) that organises all clips created within the last 24 hours in a random order to be viewed as short form content (imagine a tiktok snapchat hybrid but with a 24 hour timer). Allowing for the platform to have a short form social media area, aswell as being a streaming platform.

The other idea was to allow a limited number of edited video uploads into peoples profiles (similar to youtube but a limited amount) to showcase longer form content (maybe limited to 15mins). Allowing our channels to become social media hybrids, and tying in everything into one place.


Would it be possible to do both? Have the clips stay up for 24 hours unless they’re favorited/locked/etc. by the user, who then can use that as part of the selected number of clips that are kept?

As for social media hybrids, I don’t know if that’s necessary. There’s so much noise to signal when it comes to social media that people are likely to think that Glimesh is chasing fads rather than trying to be its own thing and might even backfire.

Having a platform be everything in one sets it apart from every other platform out there, right now as it stands glimesh has literally only FTL that other platforms dont have. Features to differentiate from other platforms are whats needed. Allowing users to browse short form content directly on glimesh instead of using tiktok, youtube shorts, or facebook videos keeps users on the platform. I myself consume a lot of short form content every day and if I could consume it on glimesh rather than going elsewhere I would.

As a platform we need to be differentiating from everything else. Also short form content that only lasts 24 hours in the social area means its not clogging up server space, and costs less. The idea of having one place for everything is a great idea, and isnt chasing fads. Short form content is the most viewed content on the planet, so why should glimesh not use that as a way to differentiate itself from others, while also allowing for more discoverabililty.

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Users will just favorite/lock everything. I don’t think we can afford that kind of storage. Allowing them to download it to repost on other twitter/tiktok etc is a great idea

I love the idea of a “Todays Clips” page. I think its great for discoverability. It should be easy to binge-watch through them all

Clips MUST be opt-in, but we should make sure the option is easy to find, or even prompt new streamers to enable it

I like the idea of a twitter-feed-like “my community” page per channel (that viewers could subscribe to?) But I think that needs to be its own thread


This seems like a no-brainer to me. I think it would be best to not have clips on your channel though, at least not with the 24 hour thing in play. Use the clips in the “Today’s Clips”, as @Cykotiq so nicely put it, purely as an avenue for people to get to your channel if they wish. I get the convenience of having a group of clips from your channel on your channel but I, personally, would argue it would be better design to include a “filter by this channel” function next to each clip. That way you can keep clip browsing in the one place and have them easily lead back to the source channel and keep said channel clutter free. Then maybe have a clips button on the channel that leads to the clip browser in the filtered by channel state. I feel that would be an overall better user experience.

This on the other hand seems a tad unnecessary in my opinion. You can just embed a video from your YouTube anyways right on your profile already. For now, surely that’s enough.

I’m afraid I agree with Cykotiq on this one. As nice as it would be to save faves, I believe there’s something more special about knowing that the clip you’re liking will be gone by tomorrow and you were one of the lucky few who got to see it…unless of course the streamer had saved the clip for reupload elsewhere.