Chatter Queues?

I think it might be helpful for streamers and mods to be able to pop out read-only filtered views of the chat and events that take place during a stream. Similar to Twitch’s activity list, this pop-out window would have configurable filters to allow the streamer or mods to see only the events they are interested in. There would be no limit to the number of windows they could pop-out to monitor different events whether it be single or multiple filters selected.

Each message in the pop-outs would be dismiss-able so you can use them as a checklist if you desire. Also the final design will likely remove most of the styling of the chat messages in favor of fitting as much of the messages onto the window as possible.

Some proposed filters:

  • Show Follow events
  • Show Subscribe events
  • Show @ Mentions (even if it’s not an existing user, ie. “@mods”)
  • Show usage of a selected emote – this could allow for things such as “Hello queues” or other interactions you want to highlight
  • Show Raid events (when available :wink: )
  • Show Donation events
  • Other filters? (comment below if you have ideas!)

Example of Twitch’s Activity list:

Mock-up of a Glimesh-oriented look:

(Note: the mock-up is quick-and-dirty to get the concept out there and doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual look-and-feel)

As always, I’m interested in hearing the community’s thoughts and ideas on this!

I don’t really have a lot to add to this, but an ‘Event List’ or ‘Activity Queue’ would be a welcomed feature for me. Great for streamers who like to list off their ‘thank you’ section at the end of each stream. As well as reducing the possibility of missing them entirely.

Would it include donations as part of the ‘Sub events’?

I’m also assuming being that they’re pop-outs, these will be easily added as custom docks into OBS too.

The ‘Show Emote Use’ I don’t understand entirely, is that just to see which emotes are used frequently? If so, I guess this could potentially be a different piece of work, maybe on the statistics page further in the future. ‘Emote analysis’ or something.

Love the concept though!

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Yes, we don’t yet have a separate event for donations from what I can tell so both would fall under ‘Sub events’.

The idea I have is to make it easy to see certain interactions – for instance filtering on the glimhello emote so you don’t miss an opportunity to say hello to a viewer. It could be a way to poll your viewers until we get actual polling functionality by asking them to vote via emote. My hope is that it would be a spark of inspiration to streamers to figure out novel ways of interacting.

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I actually really like the sound of that idea. Presumably for polling with emotes, you’d need a counter on each queue. Saving the streamer time, having to count them manually to determine the outcome of the poll.

If you used the queue just as a poll, would deleting the queue also remove the previous results? Or would there be a clear function? So that if you were to run the same poll everyday, the historic results would be removed.

Definitely, it could allow for some real creativity amongst the streamers.

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I like it as part of a dashboard or mod view, and I like being able to pop it out into its own window. I’m just not sure how it will integrate into the regular channel view (or will it?).

I think if you want to build out a larger dashboard in the future, then this is a good way to build it out as chunks/components. (Then you could create a flexible dashboard layout later that you can organize to your liking - sort of like you can do with OBS docks)