Category Testing and Proofing

Have we tested the categories to see if they still hold up? Additionally that they work? This is going to be a two-part question, so if it has to be broken into two different discussions, that’s perfectly fine. In fact, I’ll detail them in two different posts, so that they can be broken off if need be.

Question Part 1: Do the categories need updating?
Currently we have the following categories: Gaming, Art, Music, Tech, IRL and Education. Some of these may need to be looked at to see if they still apply and if they can be moved off, changed, added, etc. For example, a number of sites are adding a Cam category, which we currently have in IRL. Granted, we only have two cam sessions that I know of (there may be others, I just know of chicken cam and that one at San Jose), but it’s clear that many sites don’t consider cam feeds “IRL”. Likewise, Maker, which we also seem to have under IRL, is also gaining popularity as well. Should we invest some time to see what should be updated, if at all?

Question Part 2: Have we tested and futureproofed the categories?
I ask this because I think Education has been tossed up without any testing to see what goes there. I haven’t seen it used, and while it may have been, I can only cite my own experience with it. Earlier this week I was talking about fonts (yeah, I know, surprise surprise), but I wasn’t making them. No, I was going into the history of handlettering, woodblocking and font revivals, as well as a segue into the history of English illustrator Charles Robinson. Naturally, this didn’t feel like an art one, so I initially attempted to place it in Education, as I was mostly lecturing. Unfortunately, repeated attempts to utilize the category just did not work and ultimately I ended up having to go into the art category anyway. It felt as though either the Education category is narrowly limited, or something is broken and it was thrown up for the sake of being thrown up.

I doubt the latter is actually the case, but it does make me wonder about the former. If I do another lecture on typography and such, will I need to restrict myself to the Art category? If my wife, who has an art history degree, wants to do an online course about how to draw (she’s considered it), is she relegated to the art category? If someone wants to teach coding, Education or Tech? in some of the earliest Glimesh videos, the example of education is a glimdrop pointing at a blackboard and I have to wonder if there’s an unconscious bias as to what people think that’s what the Education category is for.

Apply variations on the question to the other categories and it could be a problem in and of itself for those sections, especially if in concert with the first part of the question as detailed in the previous post.

I suspect the categories may have been chosen, not because they are the most popular stream types, but because they encapsulate the broadest variety of streams