Can we provide more perks/rewards for subscribers?

Right now, streamers can optionally provide additional emotes to their subscribers as a perk. Are there more options the platform can provide streamers to reward their subscribers?

A few ideas to start the conversation:

  • Streamers could allow their subscribers to pin messages to the top of their chat. There would be no additional charge and the messages would still be subject to moderation.
  • Streamers could allow their subscribers to have a colored border around their chat bubbles to show their status. We could even provide different colors for long term subs at the streamers discretion.
  • Something for gifting subs?

The goal is not to shake down viewers or force things upon streamers – just to provide more “thank you” perks/rewards.

I could really use the community’s thoughts on this!

This is something I’ve thought about for a while. Whether subscriber perks sits with the platform, the streamer or both - there’s a few on Glimesh who do it very well.

The perks on other platforms revolve around freeing viewers from ads, which isn’t a problem currently for Glimesh viewers. I also don’t imagine things like leaderboards for subscribers/gifters sitting too well either.

Balancing non-sub viewers and sub viewers is always going to be a challenge, we don’t want people to feel obligated to sub or alienated for not.

  • I could see pinned messages working quite well. (Assuming there’s a time frame attached to them)
  • Coloured border is a neat idea, especially rewarding the long-term subs with a different colour. (It’s pretty discrete too, unlike sub badges (for long-term) etc)

For me:

  • As much as I think the little trophy badge serves it’s purpose for subscribers, I think an element of customisation would go a long way. Make this an option, so streamers can use their own if they wish.
  • Undecided on this one, but maybe somewhere on the streamer’s channel it lists all of the active subscribers. (Although this would probably show everyone roughly how much people are earning, and streamer could probably do something in OBS / IRL if they really wanted to do this)
  • Gifting subs is probably only going to include unique emotes / a badge similar to the sub badge.

I think it’s very limited from Glimesh’s side, whereas streamers have a variety of other platforms they can utilise. (Movie nights in Discord, Streamloots etc etc.)

I’m glad it has been brought up though, maybe there’s people way more imaginative than I am - who can break the mould of sub perks. Look forward to the other suggestions!

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I’ll be honest, I personally like how limited it is on the Glimesh side because it lead to me getting creative with what I could offer (shown below). I know that not everyone knows how to utilize a chatbot to the extent they can do something similar but still, if they really care, they could learn and who knows what they’ll come up with when they do!

Also, for what it’s worth, I always felt that it was more in the spirit of Glimesh that subbing was more about the support for sake of support rather than the perks anyways.

As for these ideas, pinning messages could be interesting but I have no idea what I really think about it other than it reminds me of stuff Twitch and Youtube are doing which makes me feel kinda meh about it. Coloured borders for chat bubbles I can see just being helpful for spotting out what subs specifically are saying but then that makes me wonder if that’s gonna lead to non-subs being ignored more often or something. I’m sure I’m being dumb but that’s just what comes to mind. What could be a fun step up from that though would be like a flair tag on the chat bubble, like flair you’d see in a subreddit, maybe even animated ones…Glimesh could have a handful of options that the streamer can pick as their subscriber flair.