Can anyone create a new topic?! Hmm


Testing testing. Check check check

(btw, tags are not available as I can’t seem to use / find / create any!)


Ooooo does this auto convert the time for you?

If you click on it it shows it in 3 different timezones

I see you!

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I just have to hover over it to show the 3 timezones

If I hover, it shows me 4 time zones lol

Does it show you central?

What makes you so special? xD

It does indeed.

Cool, that means it does automatically show your timezone! I set it to 10AM.

Also you can quote specific sentences to get clear reply paths.

My guess - I’m in Central while everyone else, including the originating post, is in Eastern lol

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How did you do that tho? lmao

July 30th at 10:30am


Highlight the sentence you want to respond to and hit Quote

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WHOA!! That’s really awesome! :smiley:

Also has slow mode


Looks like you put that in whenever.

He makes a great point here:


Manipulation of the 3rd degree!

Hmmm. good point there!