Budget Question

Wasn’t sure if this was a #questions thing or a #building-glimesh:business thing but do we have a specific budget for Glimesh as of yet? I do know we have the financial overview each month in the meetings but I am thinking more or less about a we have X number of dollars to spend on this and a document that outlines what we have for each line of business? This would go beyond normal monthly expenses and would be things like here is our budget for advertising, here is the future coffee budget, ect ect.

I am mostly asking in wondering do we have a set amount that we are aiming for advertising each month? But thought that if we had a full on budget that it would be interesting to see or help design.

We don’t have any particular budget at the moment. We just balance the in / out as we go.

Sounds like a reasonable thing to work on!

Cool cool. I will start a thread in #building-glimesh:business and we can get some discussion going around it in the proper place.