Big Calendar Events

Just throwing another idea out there; I feel like we need to push the big calendar events out on the platform and Social Media and host things that noones ever hosted before:

Halloween - Have a full day Halloween event with cosmetic changes to the platform (add Halloween themed Glim Drops around the Platform and add a message of ‘Happy Halloween’ to the main page). Maybe give 24 streamers 1hr slots (to cover the full 24hrs) for Horror Games, art etc during the day then some music streamers on an evening to have a virtual Halloween party?

Christmas/4th July/Easter etc could be similar cosmetic changes with the Glimdrops. We could reach out to streamers if they are planning something special to host that on the main Glimesh account.

Maybe pre-plan the calendar for 2022 and you would only need to plan once as you could repeat the plans year on year. Eg, All the designs would be already done, they would just need pushing out each year.


I would definitely love to find appropriate holidays/events and plan out somethings! This would also tie in nicely with our hopes in marketing to start planning out more social media engagements the like!

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In terms of holidays this is something I think would be great and from a marketing perspective we have touched on before but never planned in full. We do already have some halloween themed glimdrops, but it would be cool to have more of them and have them as like a feature for october and the like ^^

Holidays such as Christmas and Easter we’ve discussed before and as a platform we want to be sure to be fair to everyone regardless of religion so theming to one specific belief system wouldn’t fit within that. But equally all of them would be very diffuclt.

Much like 4th of July as its a very American holiday, we should look towards more broadly recognised themes - such as halloween, star wars day (some would argue its a holiday) and the like.

Im not sure how hard it would be to get cosmetic changes to the home page as I am not someone who programs and codes but I would love it we could do that happy halloween, some lil cobwebs n stuff, i can see it now <3 but planning ahead definitely helps that :slight_smile:

I understand the concerns over Easter & Christmas, but if you covered Hanukah and Eid etc you will cover everyone and I think a platform that celebrates everyone will also be a USP too

Oh I agree, im just relaying what I was told by Clone1018 regarding trying to be agonstic towards religious holidays. I think for now we should perhaps focus on more generic holidays, valentines day etc. We also have our own holidays such as day of the first charity stream, day we launched the platform fully etc we should add.

I thnk a good way to approach the logistics of it is if we get some sort of post that everyone can edit set up (which I think @clone1018 can do) and we use that combined with the calendar function to insert dates and fill in the holidays as they get locked down and decided? It would be the simplest approach i think?

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Nice idea. With the heavy lean towards American viewers on Glimesh, 4 July would probably work alongside those others.

Could also include International ____ Day, such as International Women’s Day or International Games Day to get a good spread of content throughout the year.

As @ribenaberri said, I believe it’s in our best interest to not focus on religious, war, or other politically charged holidays. International Women’s Day, International Burrito Fest, etc are all within our brand morals.

We just have to remember that Glimesh is a morally focused, but country agnostic brand, so our war time celebrations are potentially other countries worst days. I’ll celebrate and thank our veterans for their duties in my private life, but not as the Glimesh brand.


i have to agree, especially with holidays such as 4th of July. to keep it fair for everyone, we would then have to celebrate every single countries national holiday from our users- which in the long run would be too much to properly keep track of, and those days often are as clone already stated the opposite of holidays in another countries. i remember on trovo many people criticizing them for dedicating a week or month to the 4th of July and upright being upset about it.

the more neutral we are, the better for us :slight_smile:

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So I wanted to bring this up and this topic seemed appropriate but what about events that are relevant to the community.

Example this Thursday at 12:30CT Call of Duty is announcing their next game

I think we should try to capitalize on these types of events but I think we should do so being mindful of big events for other streamers as well. Like big art events or IRL events but I can’t think of any at the moment.

Just wouldn’t want this to turn into a gaming only focus type of thing.

But these could be big events as well I think that we could certainly look at marketing with

I’m going to agree with @chris. Speaking as someone who has done Veterans and Memorial Day-themed streams while on Twitch…it’s going to be hell if we go through every nation’s major holiday (especially when you’re talking places like Spain, where the joke is that 1/3 of the calendar is nothing but holidays)

I would figure the common ones:

  • New Year’s
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter (optional, depending on context)
  • Spring Equinox
  • Pride Month (since that was already done to a degree)
  • National Streaming Day (yes, it exists)
  • Summer Solstice (Hey, Steam makes a big deal about it, why can’t we?)
  • Autumn Equinox
  • Halloween
  • Christmas/Hannukah/“Holidays”/Winter Solstice (ibid Steam on that last one)

Your mileage might vary and I’m just running my head off the ones that come to mind; feel free to suggest others. It also goes without saying that any holiday that I’ve mentioned above would cover only the secular aspects (e.g. Easter = eggs and bunnies, Christmas = trees and “I am not wearing a Santa suit online” or even just farm that out as generic “Holidays”, etc.) and not the religious ones.

Running off this idea, you could potentially bring in some attention from artist-related companies wanting to get attention, such as Serif, CELSYS and others.

Here is a link that has a bunch of great days we could celebrate that are “International _____ Day”.

It has some nice ones like Earth Day, Talk like a pirate day, Mental health day, etc. Some where we can very easily celebrate with things such as tweets and some featured streams. Examples would be mental health talk shows on Mental Health day etc.


Just had a thought, I know you want to avoid Religious Holidays like Christmas, but it could be advertised as ‘WinterFest’ through December with associated GlimDrops and a ‘Seasons Greetings’ msg on the home page. Streamers can do their own Christmas or similar streams if it’s appropriate to them…

GlimDrop ideas:
Candy Cane
Ice drop
Christmas Tree
Hot chocolate mug


I think that a generic seasonal holiday type of idea is certainly a safe way to approach this and I think that we can really help develop the personality of the brand with things like this in a good way

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Absolutely! At the very least it’s a good starting point that can carry us until we have the time to devote to making decisions, doing research, and creating our own “holiday branding” type things!

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Winter fest sounds fun, I think its fair to celebrate winter based on a norther hemisphere seasonal model as the company is based within the Northern hemisphere. I’d say to avoid use of people like Santa tho as Santa is tied pretty heavy into specific religions.

Things like hot chocolate (with whipped and sprinkles ofc!!!) Snowflakes, snow people, icicles, fir trees, pine cones etc they’re all generic but still very much of the season and spirit of things. I do think it’s a list we need to curate and check as we go to make sure it doesn’t veer in terms of acceptable elements to include in such a thing. I think it’s a great idea :slight_smile: