Advertising glimesh

I have been talking with big creators and partners on platforms who support glimesh but the issue is they don’t see glimesh really advertise themselves on any social media platform or update the general public with goals and etc i was thinking as now with everything going on with twitch i think it’s a start to get some advertising out there from the community and glimesh it self and also update them with your next move to making the platform better. Any ideas or thoughts?

We have social media accounts on twitter, reddit, instagram, facebook, and tiktok (with twitter being the most active). As for updating the public we have monthly board meetings that are public, a blog to summarize them, and recordings saved on youtube for anyone who missed it. We go over finances, statistics, and our progress towards meeting each of our goals.

As for ramping up advertising, we have done a recent twitter blast outlining what sets us apart from other platforms and highlighting features. I believe there is a plan in place to ramp up advertising even more once the mobile app is ready.

I feel like we have everything you mentioned covered, but clearly you were not aware of any of it, which means we can do better. We believe in listening to the community, taking feedback seriously, and learning from it so we can improve constantly. What would you propose that we do differently? How can we do better? :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing you can do differently is when you do your public meetings set aside maybe 30 mins to have a Q&A session so people can get answers from the horse’s mouth instead of from community members that may or may not have attended and may or may not know the accurate answer. That is me though. @XzombieXgirlXx may feel differently about what you can do differently or do better.


yup! we do that too. right at the end. The Q&A keeps going until people are done asking questions. If someone asks a relevant question during the meeting, they often answer questions on the spot too.

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We actually do hang around for a while after each Board Meeting and chat with everybody, whether they are in voice, the discord channel for the meeting, or the stream chat. That usually goes anywhere from about 1 - 3 hours!

Edit: My page didn’t scroll far enough and I didn’t see @Cykotiq had responded to you, sorry about that!

so ppl who are not in the discord will not know about these things but also members can advertise alil better i see most dont talk about it or rep it enough to be notice but i also think reaching out to bigger ppl may help i know some that love the concept but they dont see enough anywhere maybe having a shoutout to streamers on your socials to see that your showing the community.

@ your community members maybe as a light to show ppl that you support your supporters

also i think another thing is ppl notice you have no way to host or raid anyone and that is stopping ppl from making a move really there isnt a way to really support ppl on the platform when your done streaming im taking alot from ppl i will post more on things.

we tweet it out on the day of the meeting every time, and we often tweet out the recoding for those who missed it the day after

yup, we do that too! we retweeted one streamer who was doing a fundraiser just 3 days ago. We also have an events team for anyone hosting a special event - contact them ahead of time and they promote the event on our social media and even on the glimesh homepage

That is part of phase 2 of the roadmap (the current phase). We recognize that it is a feature that is important to a lot of people, which is why we prioritized it on our roadmap.

Why not create a referral system to encourage the users to promote Glimesh more?

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I am curious what do you think the incentives would/should be in such a scenario? How would the referral work would it be a code they enter at sign up which is somehow “linked” to the pre existing account and says this person referred ‘x’. Would ‘x’ need to be active for so long before incentives were enacted to avoid being prone to abuse of the system? Have you any thoughts regarding how you think this should work?

For anything incentive based, I find it useful to think of every possible way I could abuse the system and then go from there lol. This would require a very delicate balance to make sure it’s worthwhile for both parties. I could easily see there being a requirement along the lines of “get X incentive when someone you refer streams for 10 hours.” It’s almost necessary to ensure people aren’t just spamming the link and having people sign up with alt emails so they can get something. The downside is… that looks like every annoying marketing thing you’ve ever seen.

While I do like the idea of a referral system, I have trouble seeing it being useful and worthwhile to Glimesh while also feeling fair and worthwhile to the person referring (or being referred even). Someone smarter than me will need to come up with ideas that push it towards viability lol.