Addition of Permanent Tags + Session tags as replacement for current tagging

Let’s start of with this quote from the glimesh support page

Tags are unique to each streamer, and you can make them as unique are you are.

Currently when a streamer changes their category (Example from gaming to tech), all of the tags reset.
My suggestion is adding a number of tags, which would stay around in permanently.
I believe that those permanent tags would be better suited for describing the streamer, while tags that get deleted eventually are more suited to describe that very stream happening at that time.

Just because someone is now streaming tech things doesn’t change the fact that they are for example, LGBT, an og Beam user, and a vtuber. those tags describing the person will largely apply to everything that the person is in produces.
these tags could be called Permanent Tags, or Person Tags, other names can be come up with surely.

My proposal also is to rename the tags we currently have to “Session Tags”.

Adding this would maybe need to rework the way the temporary (session) tags work. My suggestion would be to have a prompt asking if the currently selected “Session tags” are still relevant or to enter new ones.

This way people can keep general information about them searchable and not a hassle to describe themselves again for a new category, while also making the tags describing each stream more accurate as the streamer would be prompted to adjust them. (On other sites i have seen systems where the tags just vanish each time you go offline, and no one uses them because no one realises)

I hope i got my idea clear and i am looking forward for a discussion.

I agree that allowing streamers to choose their tags to be permanent would be a good life of quality update on their end. One way to implement this is when they are creating their tags, there can be a checkbox for each tag to be permanent or not, and the streamer can easily uncheck it if they so please.

However, I think that categorizing tags into two areas that describe the stream and streamer separately would complicate the tag system. From what I see, the tags are designed to be a quick and easy way to describe a streamer and what they are streaming for both the viewer and streamer. To create two groups for the tags would add unnecessary complexity to what should and already is a simple system.

Good suggestion though always good to think of new ways to see if there are ways to improve already implemented systems.

I’m definitely in favour of having tags stick regardless of category. It’s a slight deterrent to explore different categories with your stream if you have to re-do all your usual tags each time. I’m not sold on the idea of having the tagging system split into permanent/session tags though.

I do like the core idea at work here, and agree that some system allowing more usability and flexibility would be very useful.

What if instead of splitting the tag database into two categories, we essentially had two different “containers” for tags? One would be permanent, and the other refresh on category change as it currently does. We could split them 5 and 5, retaining the use of 10 tags.


I like paco’s idea here. but i think it could benefit the users to have the tags refresh more often than just every time the category is changed.

That’s an interesting suggestion on how to do it, but what would happen if someone wanted to use more than 5 for the permanent container or the refresh container. It sounds like they would not be able to do so.

I think organizing tags in this way would limit streamers on how they want to customize their channel. The tag limit should be kept at 10, but allow the streamers which tags they want to keep permanent with no limit or containers stopping them. If there’s any good reasons why the container suggestion would be best, please tell me because I cannot see one right now.

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The underlying technical issue here is that tags are associated with categories and changing the category means the tags you had were no longer valid for the category. While I think having tags associated with categories is a good idea on paper, in practice it causes tags to not work in a way that most users would desire.

So I think the best approach would be to decouple tags from categories and make them global. It will simplify some of the logic in the backend and will no longer require us to clear out the tags when you change your category. We’ll have to do some database cleanup (ie. de-duplicating tags and merging them) but otherwise it would probably be a better experience for everyone.


I really like paco’s idea of having one tag pool and letting the streamer choose 5 permanent and 5 stream/category-specific tags - essentially “describe yourself” (not likely to change often) and “describe today’s stream”, but streamers are not actively forced to use them in that way.

I think limiting it to 5 of each group will encourage streamers to use distinct, relevant, common tags for effective searching. I’m looking at a stream right now using 5 tags to describe basically the same thing, and another with 4 tags describing the same thing. Limiting it to 5 of each will encourage streamers to think more about which tags they choose, rather than just using every tag that applies. I might even go so far as to suggest that when you edit your stream title on your channel page (vs the settings page), that only the 5 category tags would be shown by default.