Adding Support Button to Channel

Can someone from Glimesh tech support please provide a step.x step on how to add a “support” button to my channel.

I searched the FAQ, and Support pages and no such document exists…

Are you talking about in regards to the support button at the top of channel or in the profile section? If the latter, that requires code, and you can ping me about that separately, though maybe we should consider additional Glimesh videos about that.

The same button you have on your font stream

You’re going to need to be a little clearer no that - let’s talk offchannel.

I think this can be closed, as this is probably an issue of graphics rather than site missing something, although if this wants to continue as a way of improving subscriber support, et. al, that’s fine too.

I think it is more than just graphics, I need to jave it linked to my ko-fi or some other place to collect funds, yes, lets talk offline

The Support button is automatically added when you set up subscriptions. The only things that can show up there are Subscribe, Gift Sub, Donate, and Streamloots. You can add a ko-fi button in your profile/bio area that links out to that, but you’re not able to add 3rd party tools in the support button itself.