Adding PayPal as payment option

Hi, it would be good if you could link up your PayPal account to Glimesh instead of Stripes. Cheers

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Are you able to elaborate why? In terms of moving away from stripe, what are the major benefits etc?

Major benefits of stripe vs PayPal? Where should I start? PayPal is way more common to people. If you buy online; you have PayPal. It’s safe, secure and easy to sign up. Stripe is a hassle to sign up. That said, I meant add PayPal without removing Stripe if the platform wants it

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Actually I have to agree with wogcommander. Stripe is not friendly to U.S and canadian users when it comes to wire transfers. Paypal is familiar, flexible, safe, secure and easy/friendly to use for both the buisness (api) and consumer. Many major suppliers use them. Consumers are likely more comfortable with its service which will give you brownie points when trying to keep content creators around. PayPal is a no brainer go to for a payment processor. If you guys are shopping around for maximum lucrativity, maybe weigh the likelyhood of a customer using that service over trying to go around it which is a common streaming practice. You guys are pretty transparent. So on that note, what benifits does stripe offer? PS: Its really a comfort thing for us, we like it, why not use it if it brings more people comfort when using your service.

Thanks, online ambassador! Yes, indeed, PayPal is familiar and widely used by many, businesses and consumers. Stripe isn’t known even down here in Australia. First I heard about Stripe was when I signed up for Streamlabs Prime and we all know how that company had payment issues so don’t blame me for being cautious around Stripe.

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This post may be more appropriate for our #suggestions category.

Currently Glimesh does not support PayPal, and is unlikely to in the near future. The major reason for this is the benefits of Stripe significantly outweigh the development effort that would be required to support two major payment platforms. Effectively we’d need to double our payments code to support two providers.

Right now our Stripe setup is minimally configured, we only have debit / credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay enabled. However Stripe supports an almost infinite number of ways to pay. We just need to start turning them on :).

This really isn’t a fair comparison. Stripe and PayPal are both just payment providers. PayPal allows you to sign up for an actual account, which can make some things easier. However Stripe, as presented to our users has no real account, no sign up, nothing to manage. If you have a credit or debit card (90% of Americans for example, 90% of Australians as well), then you can use Stripe as we have it configured today.

Ironically, the largest issue I think we’ve created for ourselves is telling users that we use Stripe. Stripe is a white label payment provider, and we’ve caused confusion by indirectly making users think that Stripe & PayPal are alternatives to each other.

TL;DR: To support PayPal we’d need to pour months of work into duplicating our payments infrastructure. Right now we’re not using Stripe to it’s fullest, I suggest that if we continue to add the payment methods Stripe offers us we’ll have 98% coverage of supporting the payment option users actually have.