Adding 3rd party donation button to the support popup on channels

Howdy yall! I’m currently working on a new tab to the support popup, one specifically for donation pages.
Currently it looks a little like this:

I’m coming here because I plan on limiting what URLs are able to be used for that button. I already know of Streamlabs and Streamelements but I’m sure there are other services out there that people would like to see. I’m also not forgetting about Ko-fi. I want to add some tighter integration with Ko-fi at a later date.

Basically, I’m just looking to see what people currently use for their donation page/services or if people know of a few to list them. The more the merrier!

Thanks to anyone who replies to this as it’ll really help me out in making sure services aren’t missing!


I use a Direct Donation option through my as there are no fees. Would also be amazing if we could use Stripe on the Platform for Direct Donations too with little to no fees (or at least undercut the other options that people use)

Having on-platform donations would be amazing, and I’d love to do them. I’ve got 0 knowledge on how our payment code works so it’d definitely be something later down the road if it happens. :smiley:

Thanks for the input as I didn’t even know Linktree had direct donations.

I use both ko-fi and Streamlabs (since they now do subs and donos with minimal fees recently I think) and let people use whichever they’re most comfortable with. I do hope whatever ends up being implemented will allow me to upload my own icon because I like making them fit my color scheme

EDIT: Also a button for charities would be nice. I know Tiltify is very popular.

duplicate thread:

donations carry a much higher risk of chargebacks compared to subs. We also don’t want to take anything from your donations - that is your money, not glimesh’s

This isn’t a duplicate thread as I’m actively developing this feature and asking for community input.

For anyone who checks this thread later. I’m not so much asking what would be nice to see but donation services that people know of. Think of Streamlabs and Streamelement’s tip page. Just looking to compile a list of services that can be whitelisted for the URL input box. :slight_smile:

Sorry, my bad, i didnt notice it was in product section :slightly_smiling_face:

A quick bit of research has shown me a few services I have never heard of but could be looked at

  • PeachPay
  • TipeeStream

Apart from that direct donations through the site or through PayPal etc would be great but need to look into how that goes in terms of chargeback protections for the creators etc.

Is this modal still being developed? It’s great that we have first-party donations through stripe, but since we are not taking a cut anyways, I see no reason why we can’t still allow for third-party options. There are many valid reasons why a streamer may prefer to use another service

Moderator Note: Updated title to clarify this product thread is for 3rd party donations services.