Add pronouns to profiles/chat

We don’t have a super established flow, but generally we formulate an idea, get any designs we can, and then program it. So at this point you’d need someone to volunteer to develop it. There’s no specific approval process, we try to be mostly fluid.

We’d also need to figure out if it’s a custom text field, or if you choose from a list.

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I think without a moderation step for the text field it would be prone to abuse so I would go with the drop down list and have users suggest new ones to be added when needed.

I will see how much time I have to volunteer to this but I’d break it down to the following. Which obviously would change as worked on but a rough outline of the work:

1. Add pronouns to user settings. Make it available in the Graphql API as such:

user {
  pronouns {

Pronouns being a new data type called UserPronouns with an ID and Text. For example:

  "displayname": "zactopus",
  "pronouns": {
     "text": "They/He"

With the options in a dropdown:

None <- default, doesn't store anything against the user

2. Display pronouns on profile and channel page

We’d then surface the pronouns next to the name on a profile page:

And as a tag like ‘English’ and ‘Mature’ on the channel page (if present)

3. Streamline chat bubbles in preperation for pronouns badge

I think we could streamline the chat bubbles like suggested in this thread before adding pronouns to the chat. This will make the work more easy to break up.

4. Add pronouns to chat with privacy settings

In the user settings we would need to have some way to specify where the pronouns are now shown. This could be checkboxes:

  • Show pronouns on profile/channel pages
  • Show pronouns in chat

These would be defaulted to ‘true’.

We could see this surfaced in the data by added these fields to UserPronouns. We’d now have:

  • id
  • text
  • showOnProfileChannelPage
  • showInChat

The profile/channel pages would need to be updated to respect this new option.

We would then need to add a badge for the pronouns to the chat again respecting the privacy controls.


That’s incredible! Thank you for putting the effort into keeping this moving forward!

I am a JavaScript developer primarily with expertise with frontend code. So I’m more than happy to volunteer for streamling chat bubbles (3).

And looking at how they would show on profile/channel page too.

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Would love to see a mockup of what this would look like.

The only change I would make is to maybe move the Pronouns to after the mod/sub badges. Not because of any perceived lack of importance but more for ease of being able to see the mod icons which I believe are very important to be able to identify easily.

Also love that great work/effort put into the above @zactopus. I think having a drop down list should cover us fairly well. There are plenty of resources online to get all used pronouns and we can always add in additional ones if we discover them.
Would we perhaps do what a lot of websites do with other fields (such as location), and keep a few of the most commonly used towards the top of the dropdown list, and then list the rest alphabetically. Just as a QOL option for the most commonly used fields.


I would love to see a mock up as well, but that will have to wait for somebody mare talented than me to come along lol. I agree with rearranging the 2nd line items, I was just throwing them out as they hit my brain.

For the many queers who followed this thread, I do hope it gets implemented but I will say that I am done with Glimesh.

It is clear that none of the people running it give a shit about this feature and actually were expecting me to put even more of my free time into implementing it with no guarantee the other parts of the work would be done!

Avoid this platform if you are queer or marginalised. It is not a safe space.

You posted a suggestion, that does not mean it will be implemented at all, let alone within 2 weeks of the original post! It also doesn’t mean it won’t be implemented - a lot of people like the suggestion and agree it would be a nice addition to the site.

Your accusation that glimesh doesnt care about queer people is completely false and unfair


Trying to get anything done in two weeks, regardless of whatever its merits are, is pretty much unrealistic for the current situation, but I suspect this was already known. I have further thoughts on this, but won’t voice them as this is not the avenue to do so.

I fully agree this is not the place. I would like nothing more than to leave this topic open for discussion and let people continue discussing the topic at hand, but if it turns to insults, attacks, rudeness, or discussions around people instead of the proposed topic I will close this topic and end the discussion. Let us all please keep the proposal in mind moving forward, and discuss that. That is the point of this forum.


Adding a line for pronoun badge (as well as others) is a good solution. With mod action icons it does get a little cluttered, but also have a possible solution/layout to that. This was designed with a “mobile viewport” but essentially this could translate to desktop as it’s relatively the same size as a column.



I like it a lot better as ramireztime shows it regardless because with the current formatting, everything feels cramped by the username anyhow and with my current desktop layout, it creates 2 lines as it is (as shown in the image where the timestamp got pushed to a 2nd line).

With the proposed layout, the username and timestamp have a lot more room to breathe and then there’s an entire second line for “flair” / important information and in my opinion looks a lot nicer.

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Untechnical person here, but is there any way we can make the mod action icons slide into view if the mod hovers over the persons name?? Maybe that will make it look nicer as well.

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Don’t want to get too off topic, but that would be a great alternative. From a technical standpoint, not entirely sure if it’s possible since the username is a link, if you were to hover on it, the mod actions would prevent you from interacting with usernames. Also, mobile phones don’t have hover states. It’s tricky.

I don’t think it’s really that off topic. We were wondering how to make it all fit. I was just thinking maybe if part of it removed itself when not necessary it would allow for better integration.

You hover over the name and mod actions slides in pushing the rest of the letters towards the right is what I was thinking.

For mobile maybe a drop menu that lets it show? kind of like the windows ^ on the taskbard

A first version of pronouns, completely done by @ribenaberri is now deployed!


In reference to a good point brought up by @Paco1342 on Twitter:

I am totally for the idea of including as many pronouns as people want, but adding them manually. I would hate for a feature which purpose is primarily to help promote inclusiveness ended up being used by trolls for hatred/mocking etc.
An example would be those who mockingly suggest their pronoun is an attack helicopter, etc.

This way we can do a bit of due diligence to ensure its a legitimate request and not a troll.

Also: I might make a video about making these settings for mobile format (TikTok) etc.

Essentially the same (or similar) to the video that was in announcement but optimised for portrait viewing.

yeah the list is intentionally not editable from the outside for that precise reason. It has to be coded in presently, perhaps in time (i.e. as i learn code) we could add this to the GCT dashboard so they can add them into the system.

Sure, if you need any of the stuff i used at all just let me know ^^

This feature has been added to our site as of Site Update 0.1.0+bb23f14: Pronouns!

Thanks to everyone for helping build this feature!