Add pronoun roles to the Discord server

Hello, my name is Vanessa, known on Glimesh as Ness The Cat. I’m a transgender woman, and Glimesh is INCREDIBLY good at affirming who I am… Recently though, I noticed the discord server was not as inclusive. There are existing bots that can add colour based roles that people can optionally pick. Those roles would display a colour relating to your pronouns, making it INCREDIBLY easy at a glance to know someone’s pronouns in the discord, and therefore massively cut down on misgendering. For a platform such as Glimesh, I know how CRITICALLY important it is that everyone is treated fairly and correctly, pronouns being included on the platform itself solidify that for me. I humbly request that this same importance is reflected in the discord as well, as an extension of Glimesh’s dedication to equality, equity and kindness. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I see both sides here from a discord organisation perspective. I know there are those who feel it may add more options to an ever growing list of options in an already, at times, chaotic discord server.

However. That is not to say I don’t see merit in this idea.

For me I feel the role react would mirror the website more in terms of the pronouns.

People putting in in their username, I can understand why for some that may not be something they wish to do, having it there, but also slightly hidden can be a way for people to feel safer because adding pronouns into a username is very publically there, vs someone needing to click to check. Which I know is kinda a weird concept to grasp, but its very akin to the logic behind having pronouns on the site on your profile, but not your channel. Its about feeling comfortable and safe, but on a scale which you have control over.

I don’t want this to become all about “but every other server has it” because that isnt what it should be about, Glimesh has always been about doing things their own way. But i do honestly feel like its something we should consider.

While people CAN just write their preferred pronouns in their little bio section, those bios can often be cluttered and awkward to read. Not to mention a bio is public, a role react is not. Which from a safety/comfort perspective, not wanting it in your bio is entirely understandable. A role however is easily spotted at a glance when checking a users profile - though i dont think we should necessiarly make them all differing colours, colours is something we have tried to avoid in the past outside of moderators to make them easily identified in a situation which warrants it.

If it helps people to come into the discord and make them feel more welcome and safe, i personally don’t see the harm.

My main concern would be related to people idnetifying themselves and potentially making themselves a target for bad actors, however, that didnt stop us on the website and so far thats been going well, so I don’t see a reason why we wouldnt be able to handle it in discord too.

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Reaction roles make this a simple case. I know for a fact it’s easy to implement and can look very clean and easy to follow. I can recommend Mee6 bot. It’s got a lot of features that may be useful in the future and I feel it’s been the most reliable.

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Personally (my opinion), I dislike the Discord clutter that most servers have. I believe strongly in having pronouns usable and accessible, however I believe Discord currently offers 3 options to handle this:

1. Your Username

You can customize your username on a per-server basis to reflect who you are, and how you want to be referred to. This method is super powerful because it allows you to show your pronoun in your message so users will always know how you want to be referenced.
Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 9.16.57 AM

2. Status Section

You can also use your status section (with an emoji too!) to show your pronouns. This shows up in the sidebar by default in Discord as well, for more visibility.
Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 9.19.13 AM

3. Profile Section

You can add your pronouns (with emoji!) and another other important details to your Profile, plus if you have Nitro you can do this uniquely for each server you are in. The main argument against the profile section is your pronouns can easily be overlooked.
Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 9.17.45 AM

My argument against roles is that the Glimesh Discord uses roles to manage it’s available permissions, which gives access to certain features, channels, or access needed. For example our RTMP Testing is currently using a special role, our archive channels are only accessible via a role (to keep clutter at a minimum for most). I also think having specific roles limits your selection too much, as each option has to be added manually, and managed over time vs allowing you to enter your preference at any time. It’s worth mentioning we only have one cosmetic role, and that is for “Original Glimmers” who have been here since our initial charity stream.

I’m also personally against adding any Discord bots, games, or any other clutter that is not directly towards the purpose of our Discord, which is I hate that we even have the one bot we have today :slight_smile:.

In closing though, I asked this suggestion be taken to Building Glimesh because if the community feels strongly about it, it’s easy enough to add like others have mentioned. So while I may be personally against it, I believe it’s the communities decision.


Personally I could take it or leave it. You did make good points about the multiple ways it can be done without adding another thing to keep track of to the discord server itself. I don’t like the username one though given that some people have very long usernames and I just don’t like long usernames. The status one works very well though. That’s really easy to see in a user list and honestly does the job a whole lot better than roles would…in my opinion.

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I think this is the way people should feel comfortable to do it honestly. It overcomes the concerns relating to public-ness? (bad wording) of things in your bio and ditto with your status section. For safety people may only choose to use pronouns in specifc servers where they feel safe, both the bio without Nitro and the status section don’t allow for that kinda control.

However, it can also be a really big step for some people, so I can see why the popularity for the role react, which almost gives some… hiddeness to it? (which for someone who may be still trying to come accept fully their pronouns, or is new to their pronouns may be preferable), but allows your expression of self still, and for those who want it is there. Its also about I guess, having that reaction there is like, hey we support you to express this part of yourself. that being said, this could also be overcome with a message as part of the welcome encouraging people to add their pronouns to their server nickname, and us ourselves as mods leading by example if memebers of the mod team feels comfortable in doing so ofc.

As I say, I understand both sides of the argument here. Im all for normalising knowing peoples pronouns, and whatever way achieves that is good by me.

there is also a lot more moderation on the website (per channel mods + full GCT), whereas on discord its just a few mods, so if targeting is something you are worried about, this should be taken into consideration. Discord mods can’t always respond as quickly as you may like them to.

looking at the reactions for the role will literally give you a list of all targets. I agree with clone that people can just add their pronouns to their username, but I also distinctly remember us saying the same thing about pronouns on glimesh

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