Add "Live Tags" to homepage under the spotlighted streams section

It may be helpful if viewers could get suggestions on the homepage for currently live streams to search for. To that end, I was thinking we could put a “LIve tags” section on the homepage that would randomly grab up to 20 sub-categories from the currently live streams (including the spotlighted streams) and show them as large badges in a grouping. The badges would be clickable and send the viewer to the appropriate category list page with the sub-category filter already applied.

Homepage Mockup:

Clicking a badge would send you to the channel list page with that filter applied:

This would only pull sub-category tags so we don’t encourage “tag stuffing” like the old days of Youtube where creators would put unrelated tags on their videos to appear in more search results.

As always your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome!

I like this, a large tag cloud would be a great addition. It highlights that there is more content beyond just those 6 streams(sometimes less). It also introduces users to the idea of searching/filtering to find the content are interested in, beyond just browsing.

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I decided it was important to include tags in addition to subcategories in the homepage tag cloud. There are some limitations as described in the pull request.

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