Add gifs to chat

gif search bar would be epic. They are more powerful than words when viewers show their reactions to the streamer. Both streamers and viewers love this feature.

Screenshot 2022-01-10 11.26.06 PM

we have animated GIF emotes in chat, what I think you meant to ask for is integration with a service like giphy so you can search for random GIFs. Is that more accurate?

just trying to clarify, so this thread doesn’t get marked as complete and get locked

Yea, a search bar for giphy or tenor

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oh yees, the power of gifs

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I know Giphy has a public API which we should be able to hook into. Pretty sure the other gif providers have something similar. Giphy should have a mature filter which makes moderation easier.

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If this was something implemented, I would suggest going with Tenor as they have a bet Gif selection.

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I know I’m late to this but all the yes

I’ve created a pull request to add a Tenor gif search menu: