About the Suggestions category

Suggestions & ideas for improving Glimesh.tv

Have an idea for Glimesh? Something you want implemented? We’d love to hear from you!

Couple of ground rules:

  1. Your suggestion may or may not be implemented. Ideas vary on complexity, time, and commitments, so we have a limited throughput.
  2. If you suggest something, be open to feedback! Our entire community is invited to build a better Glimesh, so you’ll get feedback and other ideas pop up in your suggestion thread. We’ll do our best to moderate to keep the suggestions focused, but if you don’t want to continue to debate your idea it’s best to just leave it. We won’t ignore a suggestion based on a conversation on it’s merits!
  3. Be polite in your responses to suggestions. Every idea is a good one, and we must respect all the varying viewpoints we have.
  4. If you agree with a suggestion and you want to see it happen, vote on that suggestion! Avoid replies that are just agreements with the existing suggestion.
  5. If a suggestion spawns an idea, open a new suggestion!

Also if you’ve submitted your idea in another location, don’t worry! We pull from all sources when we build out the roadmap, but feel free to repost your idea on our new forum.

Historical Locations:

  • Discord in #suggestions
  • Trello
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