2022 glimesh sponsored meet and greet evenr

As we all are aware covid has a lot of the viewership that would normally go to meet and greets. I.e. PAX(in the states),etc. Worried about attending these functions.

1.) Do we feel that glimesh could be able to provide booth space at an event?
》• if not, would a site wide fundraising event possibly help with that?

  1. Is this an option that a new glimesh team would have to be formed to coordinate access to these types of events?

  2. If these type of events is a thing glimesh would like to do. But couldn’t happen due to covid. Could a virtual “glimesh event” be started where we could do a virtual convention of sorts, and invite “sponsors” to market their products via our platform?

4, Do we have the Dev time to add an event tab or something like that to the main page?


I don’t know if you are aware, but we actually have an “events team” already. They are the ones who organized GCX a short while ago, and they would likely be the ones to organize other similar events. They are also the ones in charge of finding and featuring special events for the home page

Right this very moment, we aren’t particularly focused towards events but we do have a general eye towards them. As @Cykotiq mentioned, the Event Team coordinated and represented us at GCX this year, which was fully virtual (but wasn’t something we ourselves put on, which is an important distinction). We’re also really hoping that if the event is IRL next year, as it traditionally is, we will have several team members making the trip to be there and hang out, while staffing a booth. no concrete plans yet, though!

I don’t really see the likelihood of a fundraiser happening, the best case scenario is for us to continue putting all our efforts towards improving and growing the platform, which will organically bring in more people, which will increase revenue, which will allow us to do all the things we want to do.

I am intrigued by the idea of a Glimesh-led Virtual Convention type thing with sponsors and companies marketing and all that but I’m not sure it’s feasible. I would absolutely love to hear people’s thoughts and ideas on this though.

And lastly, while we do not have an Events tab or category it is something I would like to see implemented eventually. Currently when we have active events (roughly within a week of the event) that are coordinated through the Event Team, we feature them on a sidebar of the homepage, with an image, a blurb, a link, and a countdown/live now feature. As for if we have Dev Time for more features like that… as it stands, no; but that isn’t to say that some industrious person couldn’t make it happen!

This may be a super big long shot but how much would a booth be at TwitchCon? I know it is weird to be at a Purple site event but it does have loads of visitors. Current there are events in San Diego and Amsterdam for 2022. The Amsterdam one is a great location both at the venue but also close towards it. I know it is silly but it’s worth a try?

Personally I don’t think it’s the best idea to run a booth at a competitor. In my mind it’s poor taste for a business.

Kind of like someone coming into your stream and telling everyone to come check out their stream because theirs is better.


I do believe there are tons of other live events as well we can target that would fit much better for our goals